Globalisation and Work in Asia book cover

Globalisation and Work in Asia

This book reviews employment conditions in Asian countries. This is the hub of the strongest growth area in the world economy and while attention has focussed on job growth and industrial transformation, there has been very little attention on employment characteristics and employment conditions. In particular, the book addresses the issue of whether globalisation, taken to mean the growing international integration of economies, is a factor that leads to a convergence of employment conditions, and more importantly, an improvement in employment conditions. The book brings together contributions on many Asian economies where these core questions are considered at both the macro level and for specified industries.

Students and academics in Asian studies, international relations, and law

Hardbound, 342 Pages

Published: February 2007

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-217-5


  • Globalisation and work in Asia: An introduction; Changing patterns in the world of work in Asia: An overview; The impact of globalisation and labour market reforms in China; India and business process outsourcing; Labour market developments in Bangladesh since the mid-1980s; The changing nature of work in Asia: The Philippines; Globalisation of the Malaysian economy and the WTO: Problems and prospects for the Malaysian industry and the workforce; The impact of the global economy on the labour market in Thailand; An investigation into the transfer of HRM policies and practices of US and Japanese companies based in Vietnam; Media and communications work in Indonesia: Transformations and challenges for women; Non-regular work in Korea; Employment in transition: Changes in Japan since the 1980s; Globalisation and the emergence of non-traditional employment in Singapore.


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