Global Ecology book cover

Global Ecology

Written by one of the most distinguished and best-known ecologists, this book deals with the ecology of planet earth, focusing on its ecological components, the biosphere, and one of the most important environmental issues facing us today - climate change. It is based on content from the well-respected Encyclopedia of Ecology (published in 2008), and this volume has an international focus and covers a range of ecosystems.


Ecologists and Ecological Engineers

Hardbound, 480 Pages

Published: April 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-444-53626-6


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Abiotic and Biotic Diversity in the Biosphere p.1-4
    Chapter 3 : Anthropospheric and Antropogenic Impact on the Biosphere 204-210
    Chapter 4: Astrobiology 272-275
    Chapter 5: Biogeocoenosis as an Elementary Unit of Biogeochemical Work in the Biosphere p.396-403
    Chapter 6: Biosphere. Vernadsky’s Concept p.467-471
    Chapter 7 : Deforestration p.853-860
    Chapter 8 : Environmental and Biospheric Impacts of Nuclear War p.1314-1321
    Chapter 9: Evolution of Oceans p.1445-1458
    Chapter 10: Evolution of ‘Prey-Predator’ Systems p.1458-1464
    Chapter 11: Fungi and Their Role in he Biosphere p.1709-1717
    Chapter 12: Gaia Hypothesis p.1727-1731
    Chapter 13: Hydrosphere p.1923-1930
    Chapter 14: Noosphere p.2533-2536
    Chapter 15: Pedosphere p.2665-2670
    Chapter 16: Phenomenon of Life: General Aspects p.2689-2701
    Chapter 17:Structure and History of Life p.3403-3416
    Chapter 18: Calcium Cycle p.507-513
    Chapter 19: Carbon Cycle p.517-528
    Chapter 20 : Energy Balance p.1276-1290
    Chapter 21 : Energy Flows in the Biosphere p.1290-1297
    Chapter 22: Entropy and Entropy Flows in the Biosphere p.1306-1314
    Chapter 23: Information and Information Flows in the Biosphere p.19875-1978
    Chapter 24: Iron Cycle p.2028-2033
    Chapter 25: Matter and Matter Flows in the Biosphere p.2279-2292
    Chapter 26: Microbial Cycles p.2328-2335
    Chapter 27: Nitrogen Cycle p.2526-2533
    Chapter 28 : Oxygen Cycle 2609-2615
    Chapter 29 : Phosphorus Cycle p.2715-2724
    Chapter 30 : Radiation Balance and Solar Radiation Spectrum 2951-2956
    Chapter 31 : Radionuclides : Their Biochemical Cycles and the Impacts on the Biosphere p.2966-2975
    Chapter 32: Sulphur Cycle 3424-3431
    Chapter 33: Water Cycle 3724-3729
    Chapter 34: Xenobiotics Cycles 3821-3831
    Chapter 35: Agriculture p.76-85
    Chapter 36: Material and Metal Ecology p.2247-2261
    Chapter 37: Methane in the Atmosphere 2325-2328
    Chapter 38: Monitoring, Observations and Remoste Sensing-Global Dimensions p.2425-2446
    Chapter 39: Ocean Currents and Their Role in the Biosphere p.2553-2559
    Chapter 40: Precipitation Pattern 2916-2923
    Chapter 41: Temperature Pattern p.3504-3509
    Chapter 42. Urbanization as a Global Process p.3672-3679
    Chapter 43: Weathering p.3770-3776
    Chapter 44: Climate Change 1: Short-Term Dynamics p.588-592
    Chapter 45: Climate Change 2: Long-Term Dynamics p.592-598
    Chapter 46: Climate Change 3: History and Current State p.598-603
    Chapter 47: Coevolution of the Biosphere and Climate p.648-659
    Chapter 48: Global Change Impacts on the Biosphere p.1736-1741
    Chapter 49: Ecological Stoichiometry: Overview p.1101-1117
    Chapter 50: Ecosystem Patterns and Processes p.1139-1148
    Chapter 51: Evolutionary and Biochemical Aspects p.1472-1481
    Chapter 52: Organisal Ecophysiology p.2587-2596
    Chapter 53. Population and Community Interactions p.2891-2901
    Chapter 54: Trace Elements p.3564-3573


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