Global Biogeochemical Cycles in the Climate System


  • Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Max-Planck-Institute of Biogeochemistry, Germany
  • Martin Heimann
  • Sandy Harrison
  • Elisabeth Holland
  • Jonathan Lloyd
  • Ian Prentice
  • David Schimel, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.

The interactions of biogeochemical cycles influence and maintain our climate system. Land use and fossil fuel emissions are currently impacting the biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur on land, in the atmosphere, and in the oceans.This edited volume brings together 27 scholarly contributions on the state of our knowledge of earth system interactions among the oceans, land, and atmosphere. A unique feature of this treatment is the focus on the paleoclimatic and paleobiotic context for investigating these complex interrelationships.
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Advanced students and researchers in the fields of earth science, biology, environmental chemistry, physics, meteorology, engineering, mathematical modeling, environmental policy, and related socioeconomic sciences.


Book information

  • Published: July 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-631260-7


"Many readers will be substantially better informed about biogeochemical cycling in the climate system after delving into this wide-ranging book. The book definitely belongs in any library that serves students concerned with climate change." BULLETIN AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIET

Table of Contents

1 Uncertainties of Global Biogeochemical Predictions2 Uncertainties of Global Climate Predictions3 Uncertainties in the Atmospheric Chemical System4 Inferring Biogeochemical Sources and Sinks from Atmospheric Concentrations: General Consideration and Applications in Vegetarian Canopies5 Biogeophysical Feedbacks and the Dynamics of Climate6 Land-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions and Monsoon Climate Change: A Paleo-Perspective7 Paleobiogeochemistry8 Should Phosphorus Availability Be Constraining Moist Tropical Forest Responses to Increasing CO2 Concentrations?9 Trees in Grasslands: Biogeochemical Consequences of Woody Plant Expansion10 Biogeochemistry in the Arctic: Patterns, Processes, and Controls11 Evaporation in the Boreal Zone During Summer--Physics and Vegetation12 Past and Future Forest Response to Rapid Climate Change13 Biogeochemical Models: Implicit vs. Explicit Microbiology14 The Global Soil Organic Carbon Pool15 Plant Compounds and Their Turnover and Stability as Soil Organic Matter16 Input/Output Balances and Nitrogen Limitation in Terrestrial Ecosystems17 Interactions Between Hillslope Hydrochemistry, Nitrogen Dynamics and Plants in Fennoscandian Boreal Forest18 The Cycle of Atmospheric Molecular Oxygen and its Isotopes19 Constraining the Global Carbon Budget from Global to Regional Scales -- the Measurement Challenge20 Carbon Isotope Discrimination of Terrestrial Ecosystems -- How Well do Observed and Modeled Results Match?21 Photosynthetic Pathways and Climate22 Biological Diversity, Evolution and Biogeochemistry23 Atmospheric Perspectives on the Ocean Carbon Cycle24 International Instruments for the Protection of the Climate and Their National Implementation25 A New Tool to Characterizing and Managing Risks26 Contrasting Approaches: The Ozone Layer, Climate Change and Resolving the Kyoto Dilemma27 Optimizing Long-Term Climate ManagementSubject Index