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This new volume of Current Topics in Developmental Biology covers the area of gametogenesis, with contributions from an international board of authors. The chapters provide a comprehensive set of reviews covering such topics as germline stem cells, signaling modalities during oogenesis in mammals, and genomic imprinting as a parental effect established in mammalian germ cells.

Researchers in cell, developmental, and molecular biology; genetics

Hardbound, 456 Pages

Published: January 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-416024-8


    1. Cohesin in Gametogenesis
      Francois McNicoll, Michelle Stevense and Rolf Jessberger

    2. Genomic Imprinting is a Parental Effect Established in Mammalian Germ Cells
      Xiajun Li

    3. The Identity and Fate Decision Control of Spermatogonial Stem Cells: Where is the Point of No Return?
      Makoto C. Nagano and Jonathan R. Yeh

    4. Germline Stem Cells
      Ji Wu, Huacheng Luo and Hu Wang

    5. LINCing the Nuclear Envelope to Gametogenesis
      Martin P. Kracklauer, Jana Link and Manfred Alsheimer

    6. Small RNAs in Germline Development
      Matthew S. Cook and Robert Blelloch

    7. The Control of Meiotic Maturation in Mammalian Oocytes
      Janet E Holt, Simon I.R. Lane and Keith T Jones

    8. Signaling Modalities During Oogenesis in Mammals
      Lynda, K. McGinnis, S. Darlene Limback, and David F. Albertini

    9. Biogenesis of the Mouse Egg’s Extracellular Coat, the Zona Pellucida
      Paul M. Wassarman and Eveline S. Litscher

    10. Molecular Changes During Egg Activation
      Amber R. Krauchunas and Mariana F. Wolfner

    11. The Role of the Double Bromodomain-Containing Bet Genes During Mammalian Spermatogenesis
      Binyamin D. Berkovits and Debra J. Wolgemuth

    12. DMRT Genes in Vertebrate Gametogenesis
      David Zarkower

    13. RanBPM, a Scaffolding Protein for Gametogenesis
      Sandrine Puverel and Lino Tessarollo

    14. K+ and Cl- channels and transporters in sperm function
      C.M. Santi, G. Orta, L. Salkoff, P. E. Visconti, A. Darszon, and C. L. Treviño


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