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The Energy of the Universe

Unraveling the role of fusion in the universe has taken almost a century since Einstein's proof of the equivalence of energy and matter in 1905. The discovery that fusion reactions are responsible for the building of the light elements in the "Big Bang" and the subsequent development of the heavier elements in the stars and in exploding supernovae is one of the field's most exciting successes. In this engaging book, McCracken and Stott reexamine these discoveries in astrophysics and discuss the possibility that fusion reactions are not only our sun's source of power, but may also be induced for our use on earth.

Professionals and undergraduate students in Physics and Engineering, especially Nuclear Engineering. Also appropriate for general science enthusiasts.


Published: January 2005

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-481851-4


  • "This book is a delightful account of the role played by nuclear fusion in the universe, and of man’s attempt to harness it...It describes a broad spectrum of fusion nuclear physics and plasma physics topics...unique in its coverage." - George C. Vlases, University of Washington "The coverage is excellent--the authors know this field...This is a very readable insider’s account of an important area of science." - W.M. Stacey, Georgia Tech University


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