Fundamentals of Special Radiographic Procedures book cover

Fundamentals of Special Radiographic Procedures

Presenting the information a technologist needs to know to perform advanced diagnostic and interventional special procedures, this text provides complete coverage of topics such as angiography, cardiac catheterization, and vascular interventions. A general overview includes room design, image recording systems, injection devices, contrast media, and catheters. Coverage of specific imaging procedures includes anatomy, indications and contraindications, procedures, contrast media, patient care, equipment, and patient positioning. Discussions of cardiac and vascular interventional procedures help practicing radiographers prepare for the ARRT advanced certification exams.

Paperback, 488 Pages

Published: March 2006

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-0632-3


  • Part 1 Design & Equipment

    Chapter 1 Design Elements for Advanced Procedures

    Chapter 2 Image Capture – Analog & Digital

    Chapter 3 Automatic Injection Device

    Chapter 4 Instrumentation and Accessories

    Part 2 Basic Pharmacology

    Chapter 5 Introduction to Pharmacology

    Chapter 6 Contrast Media

    Part 3 Patient Communication and Care

    Chapter 7 Principles of Patient Care

    Chapter 8 Principles of Angiography

    Part 4 Special Modalities

    Chapter 9 Computed Tomography

    Chapter 10 Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Chapter 11 Nuclear Medicine — SPECT, PET, and Fusion Imaging

    Part 5 Diagnostic Vascular Procedures

    Chapter 12 Cardiac and Thoracic Procedures

    Chapter 13 Genitourinary Procedures

    Chapter 14 Visceral Angiography

    Chapter 15 Peripheral Vascular Procedures

    Chapter 16 Neurologic Vascular Procedures

    Part 6 Interventional Techniques

    Chapter 17 Vascular Interventional Procedures

    Chapter 18 Cardiac Interventional Procedures

    Chapter 19 Non Vascular Interventional Techniques

    Part 7 Other Special Procedures

    Chapter 20 Hysterosalpingography

    Chapter 21 Myelography

    Chapter 22 Sialography

    Chapter 23 Arthrography

    Appendix 1 Custom Formation of Catheters

    Appendix 2 Reference Sources for Pharmaceutical Information




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