Fragrance Chemistry book cover

Fragrance Chemistry

Science of the Sense of Smell, The

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Scientists, and students.


Published: June 1982

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-685850-1


  • Physiology of Vertebrate Olfactory Chemoreception. Odor Theory and Odor Classification. Odor and Stimulant Structure. Acyclic Monoterpene Alcohols with a 2.6 Dimethyloctane Skeleton. Advances in the Chemistry of Some Interesting Cyclic Monoterpene Alcohols. Sesquiterpene alcohols. Benzene-Derived Cyclic Carbinols. Violet Fragrance Compounds. Syntheses of Vetiver Oil Components. The Fragrance of Jasmine. Chemistry of Sandalwood Fragrance. The Chemistry and Fragrance of Natural Musk Compounds. Chemistry of Synthetic Musks I. Nonbenzenoid Musks. Chemistry of Synthetic Musks II. Benzenoid Musks. The Fragrance of Ambergris. Analysis of Fragrance Materials. Index.


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