Foundations of Nursing Practice book cover

Foundations of Nursing Practice

Fundamentals of Holistic Care

This second edition of Foundations of Nursing Practice has been revised and updated specifically to meet the needs of nursing students in all fields of practice The book explains how and why sensitive, safe, evidence-based holistic nursing care is carried out, including topics common to all fields of practice. Core nursing skills are emphasised to reflect the importance of clinical skills as well as the underpinning theory.

Aids to learning in each chapter:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Interactive boxes for all age groups and fields of nursing practice
  • Key words and phrases for literature searching
  • Useful websites, references and further reading.

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to nursing that will meet the needs of students, nurses returning to practice, mentors and other registered nurses.


Students on Pre-registration nursing programmes

Paperback, 676 Pages

Published: January 2013

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-7234-3661-4


  • SECTION 1 - Health, nursing and health care in the 21st century

    Chapter 1 Health as a value and a concept

    Chapter 2 The evolution of contemporary nursing

    Chapter 3 -Health and social care delivery systems

    SECTION 2 - Professional practice

    Chapter 4 Learning and teaching

    Chapter 5 Evidence-based practice and research

    Chapter 6 Legal issues that impact on nursing practice

    Chapter 7 NMC Code of Conduct and applied ethical principles

    SECTION 3 - Nursing and lifespan implications

    Chapter 8 The human lifespan and its effect on selecting nursing interventions

    Chapter 9 Relationship, helping and communication skills

    Chapter 10 Sleep, rest, relaxation, complementary therapies and alternative


    Chapter 11 Stress, anxiety and coping

    Chapter 12 Loss and bereavement

    SECTION 4 - Developing nursing skills

    Chapter 13 Safety in nursing practice

    Chapter 14 The nursing process, holistic assessment and baseline observations

    Chapter 15 Preventing the spread of infection

    Chapter 16 Caring for the person with physical needs, sensory impairment and unconsciousness

    Chapter 17 Breathing and circulation

    Chapter 18 Mobility and immobility

    Chapter 19 Promoting hydration and nutrition

    Chapter 20 Elimination: urine

    Chapter 21 Elimination: faeces

    Chapter 22 Promoting the safe administration of medicines

    Chapter 23 Pain management: minimizing the pain experience

    Chapter 24 Caring for the person having surgery

    Chapter 25 Wound management




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