Forensic Victimology book cover

Forensic Victimology

Examining Violent Crime Victims in Investigative and Legal Contexts

Forensic Victimology is the scientific study of victims for the purposes of addressing investigative and forensic issues. The social scientist researching victim-offender relationships; the investigator going through a victim's garbage or cell phone records; the criminal profiler reading a victim's diary or making a "friends and family" list; the forensic nurse taking a victim history or looking for evidence of injury; the reconstructionist examining a victim's toxicology or making a timeline of activities leading up to their demise; the psychiatrist or psychologist performing a mental health assessment; the medical examiner establishing a victim's place of employment or last meal each collects, examines, and interprets evidence related to forensic victimology. Their work serves criminal investigation and anticipates courtroom testimony.

The 2e of Forensic Victimology continues the applied presentation of a traditionally theoretical subject. It distinguishes the investigative and forensic aspects of applied victim study as a necessary adjunct to what is typically a theoretical field. It then identifies forensic victimologists and provides them with the methods and standards of practice needed to be of service.

Hardbound, 656 Pages

Published: August 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-408084-3


  • 1. Victimology: A Brief History with An Introduction to Forensic Victimology
    2. Victimity: Entering the Criminal Justice System
    3. Emergency Services: The 9-1-1 Response
    4. Constructing a victim profile
    5. Forensic Nursing: Approaching the Victim as a Crime Scene
    6. Victim Lifestyle Exposure
    7. Victim Situational Exposure
    8. Psychological Aspects of Victimology
    9. False Allegations of Crime
    10. False Confessions of Crime
    11. Intimate Violence
    12. Workplace Violence
    13. School Shootings
    14. Stranger Violence
    15. Premises Liability
    16. Human Trafficking
    17. Sex Offenders and Their Victims
    18. Victimology at Trial
    19. Wrongful Convictions: Victims of the Justice System


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