Forensic Epidemiology book cover

Forensic Epidemiology

Principles and Practice

Forensic epidemiology addresses the intersection of epidemiology and law. A unique subfield of epidemiology, forensic epidemiology originated with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the 1990’s as a means of investigating cause and effect between suspected exposures and individual or clusters of cases of disease or injury.

This work will present detailed instructions on how to investigate injury or disease mechanisms and circumstances, how to evaluate if such mechanisms serve as a plausible cause of injury or disease, and how to assess the strength of association between an investigated plausible cause of an injury or disease and the occurrence of the injury or disease in the individual.

Forensic Epidemiology is intended to reach those individuals working in and studying forensic medicine, epidemiology, and law in order to teach the principles by which epidemiologic data, methods, and principles are used in the courts to answer fundamental questions critical to criminal and civil actions.


Primary: Forensic practitioners, public health, upper-level undergrad forensic epidemiology / forensic science instructors / students


Secondary: Legal community

Hardbound, 500 Pages

Published: January 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-404584-2


  • 1. History of Epidemiology in the courts

    2. History of FE

    3. Basic tenets of Epidemiology

    4. Different types of epidemiologic studies used in FE

    5. Test accuracy

    6. Statistical tests used in Epidemiology

    7. Probability and the Law

    8. Common logical fallacies encountered in FE

    9. Causation

    10. Sources of data for FE investigation

    Adjunctive disciplines utilized in FE investigations

    11. Medicine

    12. Toxicology13. Pharmacology

    14. Biomechanics

    15. Principles of death investigation

    Applied Forensic Epidemiology

    16. Governmental uses of epidemiologic investigation

    17. FE in criminal cases

    18. FE in civil cases

    19. Toxic tort investigation

    20. Product defect investigation

    21. Injury litigation

    22. Medical negligence

    23. Life expectancy projections


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