Forensic Engineering

Environmental Case Histories for Civil Engineers and Geologists


  • James Slosson
  • Gerard Shuirman

This book explores these and many other related subjects. This book will be of great value to expert witnesses in liability suits resulting from flood, erosion, landslide, mudslide, or other types of natural hazard-related damage. It clearly explains the needs of an expert, the relationship of the expert to the client and the attorney, the challenges to face, and the proper orientation as an expert. Through a variety of case studies, the book illustrates investigative techniques, case and data presentation to prove "reasonableness" or "unreasonableness" of conduct and "causation."
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Civil and environmental engineers, students, engineering geologists, and lawyers.


Book information

  • Published: March 1992
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-640740-2


"Forensic Engineering will be of great value to expert witnesses."

"Practicing engineers and geologists will find the case histories very helpful to their work. The book may also serve as a reference book for advanced courses in geotechnical engineering."
"Professional engineering geologists and civil engineers should read Forensic Engineering...It is an excellent account of the challenges and opportunities of serving as an expert witness in litigation involving environmental-type failures and hazards....A more important audience for [the] book, however, is our students-who will be entering professional practice....I hope that [the authors' voices] will continue to be heard at colleges and universities...[This] book must be in every engineering geologist's and geotechnical engineer's library or briefcase-actually, in every one's head."
—Allen Agnew, Oregon State University

Table of Contents

Forensic Investigations: A Growth Industry. Introduction to Case Histories. Malibu Landslide: Massive Litigation. Utah Landslide: Rural Slides Can Be Devastating, Too. Abalone Cove Landslide: Mitigation Instead of Litigation. Flooding within a Flood Plain while the Sun Was Shining. Flooding Outside a Flood Plain: Was It Really a Flood? Fire-Flood Sequence: A Deadly Combination. Land Subsidence on a Large Scale: Dire Consequences. River Morphology: Mining versus Agriculture. An Overview. Glossary. References. Index.