Food Colloids and Polymers book cover

Food Colloids and Polymers

Stability and Mechanical Properties

This overview describes ideas and techniques for the study of structure and dynamics of direct relevance to food. It pays particular attention to the microstructure and rheology of concentrated systems containing deformable particles, emulsion droplets and gas bubbles, and describes factors affecting the composition, structure and dynamic properties of fluid interfaces, particularly the role of adsorbed polymers and surfactants in controlling stability. In addition, coverage of the application of new physical concepts to systems containing fat crystals and starch particles gives insight into the processing of food colloids.

Food scientists and technologists

Hardbound, 428 Pages

Published: March 1993

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-782-2


  • Aggregation phenomena; Polymer-polymer interactions; Structure, rheology and fracture properties; Interfacial phenomena.


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