Fluorescent Proteins

Edited by

  • Kevin Sullivan, Department of Biochemistry, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

This new edition of Fluorescent Proteins presents current applications of autofluorescent proteins in cell and molecular biology authored by researchers from many of the key laboratories in the field. Starting from a current review of the broad palette of fluorescent proteins available, several chapters focus on key autofluorescent protein variants, including spectral variants, photodynamic variants as well as chimeric FP approaches. Molecular applications are addressed in chapters that detail work with single molecules, approaches to generating protein fusions and biosensors as well as analysis of protein-protein interactions in vivo by FRET, fluorescence polarization and fluorescence cross correlation techniques. A number of approaches to in vivo dynamics are presented, including FRAP, photoactivation, and 4-dimensional microscopy. Behavior of spindle components, membrane proteins, mRNA trafficking as well as analysis of cell types in tissues and in development are detailed and provide models for a wide variety of experimental approaches. In addition, several chapters deal directly with the computational issues involved in processing multidimensional image data and using fluorescent imaging to probe cellular behavior with quantitative modeling. This volume brings together the latest perspective and techniques on fluorescent proteins and will be an invaluable reference in a wide range of laboratories.
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Graduate students in basic research, scientists, technicians, postdoctoral, and experienced researchers in fields of cell and developmental biology, molecular biology, genetics, neuroscience, and biochemistry--anyone who examines cells in a microscope.


Book information

  • Published: December 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-372558-5

Table of Contents

1. Fluorescent ProteinsIan M. Dobie, Noel F. Lowndes and Kevin F. Sullivan2. Functional Fusion Proteins by Random Transposon-Based GFP InsertionRobert Mealer, Heather Butler & Thomas Hughes3. Fluorescent Proteins for Photoactivation ExperimentsJennifer Lippincott-Schwartz and George H. Patterson4. Design and Optimization of Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Biosensors: Gtpase BiosensorsLouis Hodgson and Klaus M. Hahn5. Fast 4D MicroscopyJ. R. De Mey, P. Kessler, J. Dompierre, F. P. Cordelières, A. Dieterlen, J. -L Vonesch, and J. –B. Sibarita6. Single molecule imaging of fluorescent proteinsAdam D. Douglass and Ronald D. Vale7. Counting Kinetochore Protein Numbers in Budding Yeast Using Genetically Encoded Fluorescent ProteinsAjit Joglekar, E. D. Salmon, Kerry Bloom8. Fluorescent Protein Applications in PlantsR. Howard Berg, Roger N. Beachy9. Expression and Imaging of Fluorescent Proteins in the C. elegans Gonad and Early EmbryoRebecca A. Green, Anjon Audhya, Andrei Pozniakovsky, Alexander Dammermann, Hayley Pemble, Joost Monen, Nathan Portier, Anthony Hyman, Arshad Desai and Karen Oegema10. Fluorescent Proteins in Zebrafish Cell and Developmental BiologyH. William Detrich, III11. Identifying and Quantitating Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells in the Adult BrainJuan Manuel Encinas and Grigori Enikolopov 12. Using Fluorescent Proteins to Study mRNA Trafficking in Living CellsEmmanuelle Querido and Pascal Chartrand13. Visualising mRNA Localisation and Local Protein Translation in NeuronsRalf Dahm, Manuel Zeitelhofer, Bernhard Götze, Michael A. Kiebler and Paolo Macchi14. Quantitative FRAP in Analysis of Molecular Binding Dynamics In Vivo James G. McNally 15. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Plant Membrane Traffic UsingFluorescent ProteinsMarketa Samalova, Mark Fricker, and Ian Moore. 16. Engineering FRET Constructs Using CFP and YFPSatoshi Shimozono and Atsushi Miyawaki17. Fluorescence Anisotropy Imaging Microscopy (FAIM) for homo-FRET in Living CellsMarc Tramier and Maïté Coppey-Moisan 18. FRET by Fluorescence Polarization MicroscopyDavid W. Piston and Mark A. Rizzo19. Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation Visualization of Molecular Interactions in Living CellsTom K. Kerppola20. Protein-protein interactions determined by fluorescence correlation spectroscopyJ. Langowski21. Recent Advances on In Vivo Imaging with Fluorescent ProteinsRobert M. Hoffman 22. Computational Processing and Analysis of Dynamic Image DataJonas Dorn, Gaudenz Danuser and Ge Yang23. Automated Classification of Mitotic Phenotypes of Human Cells Using Fluorescent ProteinsN. Harder, R. Eils, and K. Rohr24. Open Tools for Storage and Management of Quantitative Image DataJoshua Moore, Chris Allan, Jean-Marie Burel, Brian Loranger, Donald MacDonald, Jonathan Monk, and Jason R. Swedlow