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Flip and See ECG

When it comes to learning ECG interpretation, there's simply no faster or easier way to master basic rhythms than this unique book. Using a fun and easy-to-understand writing style, this updated new edition uses humor, cartoons, and personal stories to walk you through the entire ECG process: from finding a heartbeat, to monitoring an electrocardiogram, to interpreting the heart rhythm. A unique Flip and See section allows you to view normal ECGs on one side of the page and abnormal ECGs on the other, along with concise text that clearly explains the differences between them. Plus, the completely redesigned Cohn's Pocket Guide for ECG Interpretation aids both students and practitioners in rhythm interpretation.


Published: March 2012

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-13755-3


  • Symbols Used in This Book

    How to Approach ECGs

    1. How the Heart Works

    2. The ECG

    3. Introduction to the Rhythms

    4. How to Interpret ECGs

    5. Introduction to 12-Lead Interpretation (NEW!)

    6. How to Use the Flip and See Portion of This Book

    7. Rhythms

    8. Glossary

    9. Appendix and ACLS Algorithms


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