Finance Director's Handbook


  • Glynis Morris, Accounting, Audit, and Tax Specialist
  • Sonia McKay, Employment Law Specialist, UK
  • Andrea Oates, Health and Safety Specialist, Labour Research Department, UK

Financial reporting is becoming more onerous and complex, particularly for listed companies. Accounting scandals have led to a greater regulatory focus on the role of audit committees, non-executive directors, risk management and internal control which put the Finance Director under new and more stringent pressures. This quick reference manual provides extensive information on recent changes and authoritative coverage of all the financial operations a busy Finance Director has now to undertake. All the key business critical information is here in one book – everything a busy Finance Director needs access to. Written by professionals for professionals so that key information is easily accessed, assimilated and used. Detailed sections are devoted to audit, cash flow management, corporate transactions, financial reporting, management accounting, taxation and treasury and risk management.
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Professional: Finance Directors; Chief Financial Officers;Part-Time Finance Directors; Business Controllers.


Book information

  • Published: May 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8701-0

Table of Contents

Audit; Cashflow Management, Company Law, Secretarial Issue; Contract Law; Corporate Government; Corporate Transactions; Directors Duties; E-Commerce; Employment Law; Finished Report; Fraud; Intangibles; Investor Relations; IT; Listing Requirements; Management Accounting; Payroll; Pensions; Property; Remuneration; Sources of Finance; Corporate Stategy; Taxation; Treasury.