Fidelity and Quality Control in Gene Expression book cover

Fidelity and Quality Control in Gene Expression

The goal of this volume is to provide a comprehensive mechanistic and quantitative view of the processes that mediate or influence the quality control in translation. In addition to discussing processes with direct contribution to translation fidelity, such as aminoacylation of tRNAs and translation elongation itself, special attention is given to other processes with impact on quality control: detection and elimination of defective mRNAs, recycling and translation re-initiation, mRNA editing, and translational recoding through programmed frame-shifting.

Biochemists, biophysicists, cell biologists, protein chemists, structural geneticists, and structural biologists

Hardbound, 272 Pages

Published: January 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-386497-0


    1. Quality Control in Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthesis: Its Role in Translational Fidelity
      Srujana S. Yadavalli and Michael Ibba
    2. Termination and Post-Termination Events in Eukaryotic Translation
    3. Richard J. Jackson, Christopher U.T. Hellen and Tatyana V. Pestova

    4. Quality Control of mRNA Decoding on the Bacterial Ribosome
    5. Marina V. Rodnina

    6. Control of Gene Expression by Translational Recoding
    7. Jonathan D. Dinman

    8. The tmRNA Ribosome Rescue System
    9. Brian D. Janssen and Christopher S. Hayes

    10. Posttranscriptional Recoding by RNA Editing

      Stefan Maas


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