Facelifts for Special Libraries book cover

Facelifts for Special Libraries

A Practical Guide to Revitalizing Diverse Physical and Digital Spaces

Libraries/information centres are continuously evolving to keep up with rapid changes in information gathering, processing, and distribution. Corporate and non-profit special libraries face special challenges in revitalizing their physical space and providing efficient access to digital content. This book provides solo-librarians or special library managers with practical advice as to revitalize their libraries both in the physical space and the digital space. The book uses case studies, surveys and literature review to provide practical, innovative and evidence-based information to help special librarians develop information centres that will remain relevant to their organizations.

Practitioner and students of Library and Information Science

Paperback, 180 Pages

Published: September 2010

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-591-6


  • With this book to hand, a novice in space renovation can tackle any library renovation project with confidence, Australian Library Journal
    This book will be helpful for students of information management at all levels. It offers something for the novice, as well as for librarians with some experience of library renovations., Australian Library Journal


  • Prepare; Build a great project team; Plan your project; Develop a layout; Interior design basics; Revitalising your digital environment; Project completion and final thoughts.


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