Ethics in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care book cover

Ethics in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

A group of expert contributors have provided perspectives on areas of common concern to the anaesthetist and intensivist, and nursing staff, giving both the clinical and theoretical perspective. By understanding the underlying principles, the reader will be able to create their own framework from which to reach a decision. It is anticipated that the arguments given may challenge the reader's personal ethical stance. Those who are new to ethics will find the examples given help them to see how these underlying principles are put into everyday practice.

Areas covered include: consent, patient confidentiality, fitness to practice, whistleblowing on colleagues, clinical research, maternal-foetal conflicts, children, intensive care, palliative care, withdrawing and withholding therapy, euthanasia, infectious disease control.

Paperback, 272 Pages

Published: July 2003

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5353-4


  • 1. Introduction
    Heather Draper
    2. Consent and Adult Patients in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care
    Alan Aitkenhead
    3. Fitness to Practice, Self-regulation and Clinical Governance in Anaesthesia
    David Hatch
    4. Confidentiality, Anaesthetics and Intensive Care
    Catherine Hale
    5. Cultural Relativism, Tolerance and Respect for Autonomy
    Andrew Fagan
    6. Ethical and Legal Issues Affecting the Treatment of Children
    Nicholas Pace
    7. Clinical Research
    Mike Harmer
    8. Research Ethics
    Richard Nicholson
    9. Evidence Based Medicine and Anaesthesia
    Lucy Frith
    10. Maternal Foetal Conflicts and the Anaesthetists' Role
    Wendy Scott, Heather Draper
    11. Resource Allocation in Critical Care
    Richard Wenstone, June Jones
    12. Ethical Management in Intensive Care
    June Jones
    13. Withdrawing and Withholding Life Sustaining Therapy and Euthanasia
    Heather Draper
    14. Brain Death and the Cadaveric Organ Donor
    David Lamb
    15. The Acceptability of Routine Testing for Blood Borne Communicable Diseases
    Rebecca Bennett
    16. Teaching and Assessing Medical Ethics
    Lisa Schwartz
    17. Ethical Issues in Private Practice
    Chris Bareham, Tom Sorrell


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