Ethical & Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing book cover

Ethical & Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing

The only Canadian nursing book available that fully covers the often intertwined Ethical and Legal issues that healthcare professionals face today!

Focused solely on the ever-changing, and often complex healthcare landscape in Canada, Ethical & Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing, Third Edition, expertly offers readers an uncomplicated discussion and practical approach to this multifaceted topic.

The book aims to prepare students for the moral and legal realities they will face in practice, and to provide them with the necessary tools to confidently face the most challenging and difficult situations they will encounter.

Paperback, 456 Pages

Published: May 2009

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-1-897422-09-0


  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Nursing Law and Ethics

    Chapter 2: Ethical Theoretical Perspectives

    Chapter 3: Ethics Resources for Nurses

    Chapter 4: The Canadian Legal System

    Chapter 5: Regulation of the Nursing Profession

    Chapter 6: Consent to Treatment

    Chapter 7: The Nurse’s Legal Accountabilities: Professional Competence, Misconduct, Malpractice, and Nursing Documentation

    Chapter 8: End of Life

    Chapter 9: Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Advancing Science and Technologies

    Chapter 10: Patient Rights

    Chapter 11: Caregiver Rights

    Chapter 12: Ethical Issues in Leadership, the Organization, and Care


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