Essentials of Ophthalmic Lens Finishing book cover

Essentials of Ophthalmic Lens Finishing

Highly readable and packed with instructional photos and drawings, this book also features a separate kit for practicing lens edging layout at home. Proficiency tests for self-assessment are included for each chapter and are an excellent review for examinations.

Hardbound, 496 Pages

Published: July 2003

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7213-9


  • 1. An Overview of the Fabrication Process
    2. Spotting of Lenses
    3. Lens Shapes, Patterns and Frame Tracers
    4. Centration of Single Vision Lenses
    5. Centration of Progressive Addition Lenses NEW!
    6. Centration of Segmented Multifocal Lenses
    7. Blocking of Lenses
    8. Edging
    9. De-blocking
    10. Hand Edging
    11. Lens Tinting NEW!
    12. Lens Insertion and Standard Alignment NEW!
    13. Drilled, Slotted and Notched Mountings NEW!
    14. Nylon Cord and Other Groove-Mountings NEW!
    15. Lens Impact Resistance and Testing NEW!
    16. Maintenance and Calibration
    17. Edger Wheels and Cutters
    18. Safety and Environmental Concerns NEW!
    Proficiency Test Questions Key
    Lens Centration Skills Series


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