Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology - Text and Anatomy and Physiology Online Course (Access Code) book cover

Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology - Text and Anatomy and Physiology Online Course (Access Code)

Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology offers a clear, concise, and engaging account of the human body and its systems, with just the right amount of content. Designed for one-semester A&P courses and for students with little or no background in anatomy and physiology, this new, value-priced, text provides a solid framework for learning and understanding the interrelations of body systems. Seasoned authors and experienced educators, Kevin Patton, Gary Thibodeau, and Matthew Douglas use a conversational writing style and a variety of study tools to help you arrive at a complete understanding of human anatomy. What's more, a dynamic, full-color design with spectacular artwork offers a clear view of the human body, providing expert visual guidance while enhancing your learning experience.

Hardbound, 688 Pages

Published: March 2011

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-05382-2


  • Unit 1: Constituents of the Human Body
    1. Organization of The Human Body
    2. The Chemistry of Life
    3. Anatomy of Cells
    4. Physiology of Cells
    5. Cell Growth and Reproduction
    6. Tissues and Their Functions
    Unit 2: Support and Movement
    7. Skin and Its Appendages
    8. Skeletal Tissues
    9. Bones and Joints
    10. Muscular System
    Unit 3: Communication, Control, and Integration
    11. Cells of the Nervous System
    12. Central Nervous System
    13. Peripheral Nervous System
    14. Sense Organs
    15. Endocrine System
    Unit 4: Transportation and Defense
    16. Blood
    17. Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System
    18. Physiology of the Cardiovascular System
    19. Lymphatic and Immune Systems
    Unit 5: Respiration, Nutrition, and Excretion
    20. Respiratory System
    21. Digestive System
    22. Nutrition and Metabolism
    23. Urinary System and Fluid Balance
    Unit 6: Reproduction and Development
    24. Male Reproductive System
    25. Female Reproductive System
    26. Growth and Development
    27. Human Genetics and Heredity


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