Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction book cover

Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction

The new edition of this introductory-level textbook continues to offer a concise and approachable bridge between student lecture notes and more detailed clinical reference works. All aspects of equine medicine, surgery and reproduction are covered in a single, convenient volume. The second edition has been subject to an extensive revision, with each chapter updated and new chapters added to cover wound management, critical care, anaesthesia and sedation, and diagnostic imaging. While offering key information in an easily and quickly digested format for clinical veterinary students and practising veterinary surgeons, this second edition of Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction will also be relevant to students undertaking equine science degrees, and to professional horse owners and trainers.

The wide range of international contributors, highly experienced and all experts in their fields, ensures that the new edition of this popular all-in-one resource remains as indispensable as ever.

Hardbound, 624 Pages

Published: March 2013

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7020-2801-4


  • "This new edition, as well as incorporating an extensive revision of the original text, incorporates new chapters on wound management, critical care, anaesthesia and diagnostic imaging...The book is well illustrated throughout and the reproduction of the colour images is outstanding...This is an ideal book for the veterinary students wanting to dip into equine medicine and surgery...The widespread  use of bullet points and  short punchy paragraphs, in conjunction with an excellent index and contents list, makes the text very easy to read and to navigate, and this second edition is certain to become just as popular as the already well-established first edition. Good value and to be recommended."

    Veterinary Record, May 2013


  • 1.Upper Alimentary System.
    2.Gastroenterology 1. Colic.
    3. Gastroenterology 2. Hepatic and intestinal disorders.
    4. Abdominal cavity
    5. Disorders of the ear, nose and throat
    6. Lower respiratory tract
    7. Cardiovascular system
    8. Diseases of the equine urinary tract
    9. Endocrinology
    10. Haematopoietic and immune systems
    13. Dermatology
    14. Reproduction
    15. Orthopaedics 1. Diagnosis of lameness/diseases of joints and bones
    16. Orthopaedics 2. Diseases of the foot and  limbs
    17. Orthopaedics 3. The  limbs
    18. Orthopaedics 4. The back and pelvis
    19. Infectious diseases and parasitology
    20. Diseases of the foal
    21. Muscle disorders and performance problems
    22. Metabolic diseases and toxicology
    23. Principles of wound management
    24. Sedation and anaesthesia
    25. Diagnostic imaging
    26.Common problems and techniques in equine critical care


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