Equine Dermatology book cover

Equine Dermatology

Diagnose, treat, and manage equine skin disorders with the most comprehensive reference available! With 900 full-color photos, Equine Dermatology covers skin diseases ranging from those that merely annoy the horse to others that interfere with the horse's ability to function in riding, working, or show. Thorough coverage includes essential basics and practical diagnostic methods, therapies, and specific abnormalities and defects. The book describes the structure and function of the skin, and discusses disorders including bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral, protozoal, allergic, immune-mediated, endocrine, metabolic, and nutritional diseases. It also covers congenital and hereditary defects, pigmentation abnormalities, keratinization defects, environmental skin diseases, and skin tumors. Written by renowned equine dermatologists Danny Scott and Bill Miller, this all-inclusive resource covers the latest dermatologic topics and the newest therapies.

Book, 736 Pages

Published: December 2010

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3685-0


  • 1. Structure and Function of the Skin
    2. Diagnostic Methods
    3. Dermatologic Therapy
    4. Bacterial Skin Diseases
    5. Fungal Skin Diseases
    6. Parasitic Diseases
    7. Viral and Protozoal Skin Diseases
    8. Skin Immune System and Allergic Skin Diseases
    9. Immune-Mediated Disorders
    10. Endocrine, Nutritional, and Miscellaneous Hair Coat Disorders
    11. Keratinization Defects
    12. Pigmentary Abnormalities
    13. Environmental Skin Diseases
    14. Congenital and Hereditary Skin Diseases
    15. Miscellaneous Skin Diseases
    16. Neoplasms, Cysts, Hamartomas, and Keratoses


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