Environmental Ecology book cover

Environmental Ecology

The Ecological Effects of Pollution, Disturbance, and Other Stresses

Thoroughly revised and significantly expanded, the Second Edition of Environmental Ecology provides new case studies and in-depth treatment of the effects of pollution and other disturbances on our oceans, lakes, forests, and air. New chapters on biological resources and ecological applications have been added, including material on environmental economics, import assessments, ecological monitoring, and environmental ethics. Extensive indexes, a glossary, and a bibliography are included.


Published: November 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-266542-4


  • "This book definitely fills a niche different from that of any [of]their work on the environment and ecology. An intense effort was made to make this a useful teaching tool, and it shows. For the many biologists... this would be excellent as a textbook or an addition to their personal libraries."

    "Well-illustrated and well-produced and the several indexes are useful and comprehensive... a useful source of material and it will provide a good introduction to an important subject area."


  • Preface.Acknowledgments.The Ecological Effects of Pollution, Disturbance, and Other Stresses.Air Pollution.Toxic Elements.Acidification.Forest Declines.Oil Pollution.Eutrophication of Freshwater.Pesticides.Harvesting of Forests.Biodiversity and Extinctions.Ecological Effects of Warfare.Biological Resources.Some Applications of Environmental Ecology.References.Glossary.Indexes.


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