Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Case Studies book cover

Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Case Studies

Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Case Studies bridges the gap between theory and practice in a range of real-world EOR settings. Areas covered include steam and polymer flooding, use of foam, in situ combustion, microorganisms, "smart water"-based EOR in carbonates and sandstones, and many more.

Oil industry professionals know that the key to a successful enhanced oil recovery project lies in anticipating the differences between plans and the realities found in the field. This book aids that effort, providing valuable case studies from more than 250 EOR pilot and field applications in a variety of oil fields. The case studies cover practical problems, underlying theoretical and modeling methods, operational parameters, solutions and sensitivity studies, and performance optimization strategies, benefitting academicians and oil company practitioners alike.


Reservoir Engineer, Production Engineer, Operations Engineer, Drilling Manager, Operations Manager, Project Production Engineer, Project Reservoir Engineer

Hardbound, 712 Pages

Published: May 2013

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-12-386545-8


  • "Petroleum engineers mostly from oil and equipment companies draw on the field experience of specialists in enhanced oil recovery as well as from the technical literature and other sources to provide a reference to all aspects of enhanced oil recovery."--Reference and Research Book News, August 2013


  • Chapter 1 Gas Flooding

    Chapter 2 Enhanced Oil Recovery by Using CO2 Foams: Fundamentals and Field Applications

    Chapter 3 Polymer Flooding - Fundamentals and Field Cases

    Chapter 4 Polymer flooding Practice in Daqing

    Chapter 5 Surfactant-Polymer Flooding

    Chapter 6 Alkaline Flooding

    Chapter 7 Alkaline-Polymer Flooding

    Chapter 8 Alkaline-Surfactant Flooding

    Chapter 9 ASP Fundamentals and Field Cases outside China

    Chapter 10 ASP Process and Field Results

    Chapter 11 Foams and Their Applications in Enhancing Oil Recovery

    Chapter 12 Surfactant Enhanced Oil Recovery in Carbonate Reservoirs

    Chapter 13 Water Based EOR in Carbonates and Sandstones: New Chemical Understanding of the EOR-Potential Using "Smart Water"

    Chapter 14 Facility Requirements for Implementing a Chemical EOR Project

    Chapter 15 Steam Flooding

    Chapter 16 Cyclic Steam Stimulation

    Chapter 17 SAGD for Heavy Oil Recovery

    Chapter 18 In Situ Combustion

    Chapter 19 Introduction to MEOR and Field Applications in China

    Chapter 20 The Use of Microorganisms to Enhance Oil Recovery

    Chapter 21 Field Application of Organic Oil Recovery (A New MEOR Method)

    Chapter 22 Cold Production of Heavy Oil


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