Engineering Documentation Control Handbook

Configuration Management and Product Lifecycle Management


  • Frank B. Watts, EC3 Corp, Winter Park, CO, USA

In this new edition of his widely-used Handbook, Frank Watts, widely recognized for his significant contributions to engineering change control processes, provides a thoroughly practical guide to the implementation and improvement of Engineering Documentation Control (EDC), Product Lifecycle Management and Product Configuration Management (CM). Successful and error-free implementation of EDC/CM is critical to world-class manufacturing. Huge amounts of time are wasted in most product manufacturing environments over EDC/CM issues such as interchangeability, document release and change control - resulting in faults, product release delays and overspends.

The book is packed with specific methods that can be applied quickly and accurately to almost any industry and any product to control documentation, request changes to the product, implement changes and develop bills of material.

The result is a powerful communications bridge between the engineering function and ‘the rest of the world’ that makes rapid changes in products and documentation possible. With the help of the simple techniques in the handbook, companies can gain and hold their competitive advantages in a world that demands flexibility and quick reflexes - and has no sympathy for delays.

The new edition sets EDC/CM in the context of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), providing guidance on choosing, purchasing and implementing PLM software systems. Watts guides the reader to harness these tools and techniques for business objectives including Process Improvement and time-to-market.

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Product Manufacturing Engineers: Managers, project leaders, chief engineers, and other engineering and management personnel, Quality Management/Assurance professionals, consultants


Book information

  • Published: October 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-7860-7

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Product Documentation

Chapter 3. Identification Numbers

Chapter 4. Interchangeability

Chapter 5. Bill of Material

Chapter 6. Potpourri

Chapter 7. Product & Document Release

Chapter 8. Change requests

Chapter 9. Change cost.

Chapter 10. Change Control

Chapter 11. Fast Change

Chapter 12. Implementing Process Improvement

Chapter 13. Process standards and audits

Chapter 14. EDC & the supply chain

Chapter 15. Benchmarking

Chapter 16. CM in the future