Encyclopedia of Hormones, Three-Volume Set


  • Helen Henry, University of California, Riverside, USA
  • Anthony Norman, University of California, Riverside, USA

The Encyclopedia of Hormones is a comprehensive reference work on hormones in vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant systems. It covers all aspects of hormones: their chemical structure and biological synthesis; the major physiological systems in which they operate; the cellular and subcellular site of their action; the nature of the signal transduction mechanisms used in the hormone's action; and the biological consequences of an excess or deficiency of the hormone. Each contributor is an expert in his or her field and has been recruited by one of 14 Associate Editors. The 300 articles that comprise this encyclopedia are arranged alphabetically. Each entry begins with a glossary of key terms that are compiled into a complete glossary for the entire work. Additionally, each entry includes 10-15 recent references to provide the reader with an entry into the scientific literature. The Encyclopedia of Hormones is sure to be a valuable reference work for students and professional researchers interested in any aspect of the control of biological systems by hormonal signals.
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Endocrinologists, biochemists, toxicologists, and plant pathologists


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  • ISBN: 978-0-12-341103-7


"The preface carefully defines ā€˜hormoneā€™, where the editors explain they have expanded the classic meaning of ā€˜chemical messengerā€™ to include ā€˜local paracrine and autocrine signalsā€™...Highly recommended." -CHOICE, 2003 "...an important addition to the reference collections of biology and health science librariesā€¦a valuable reference source and highly recommended for medical libraries as well as other life science collections. E-STREAMS (April 2004) "This three-volume encyclopedia is the first of its kind. It covers the vast field of molecular endocrinology in 296 articles from over 500 contributors who were recruited and invited to write by 14 associate editors, all of whom were specifically chosen by executive editors Helen Henry and Anthony Norman...It is evident that great care went into the compilation of this professional, multi-volume resource...The Encyclopedia of Hormones is highly recommended for academic science and medical school libraries." -AMERICAN REFERENCE BOOKS (2004) "Highly Recommended" -CHOICE (December 2003)

Table of Contents

ApoptosisCalcium Signaling Cancer Cells and Progrowth/Prosurvival SignalingActivin Receptor SignalingCytokines and Anterior Pituitary FunctionEating DisordersFetal-Placental Unit Hormone ProductionGastrointestinal Hormone (GI) Regulated Signal TransductionExtracellular Matrix and Follicle DevelopmentGrowth Hormone (GH)Hypoglycemia in DiabetesInsulin Gene Regulation Interleukin (IL)-1Juvenile Hormone Production: Role of Neuropeptides Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF)Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)Neuroactive SteroidsNeuropeptide Y (NPY)Parathyroid HormoneSex Hormones and the Immune SystemStem Cell FactorStress and ReproductionThyroid and ReproductionType-1 DiabetesVasopressin (AVP)Vitamin D Deficiency, Rickets and OsteomalaciaWnt Protein Family