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Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance

This scholarly work is the most comprehensive existing resource on human physical appearance-how people’s outer physical characteristics and their inner perceptions and attitudes about their own appearance (body image) affect their lives. The encyclopedia’s 117 full-length chapters are composed and edited by the world’s experts from a range of disciplines-social, behavioral, and biomedical sciences. The extensive topical coverage in this valuable reference work includes: (1) Important theories, perspectives, and concepts for understanding body image and appearance; (2) Scientific measurement of body image and physical attributes (anthropometry); (3) The development and determinants of human appearance and body image over the lifespan: (4) How culture and society influences the meanings of human appearance; (5) The psychosocial effects of appearance-altering disease, damage, and visible differences; (6) Appearance self-change and self-management; (7) The prevention and treatment of body image problems, including psychosocial and medical interventions. Chapters are written in a manner that is accessible and informative to a wide audience, including the educated public, college and graduate students, and scientists and clinical practitioners. Each well-organized chapter provides a glossary of definitions of any technical terms and a Further Reading section of recommended sources for continued learning about the topic.

Available online via ScienceDirect or in a limited-release print version.


undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers, and interested public libraries

Hardbound, 938 Pages

Published: April 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-384925-0


  • Amputations and Prosthetic Devices

    Anorexia Nervosa

    Anthropological Perspectives (Physical Appearance)


    Anti-dieting Approaches to Change and Prevention

    Appearance Discrimination and the Law

    Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss

    Beauty over the Centuries-Female

    Beauty over the Centuries-Male

    Body Art: Tattooing and Piercing

    Body Dysmorphic Disorder

    Body Height

    Body Image among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexuals

    Body Image among the Elderly

    Body Image and "Fat Talk"

    Body Image and Athleticism (Sports)

    Body Image and Gender-Role Attitudes/Identity

    Body Image and Personality

    Body Image and Self-Esteem

    Body Image and Sexual Functioning

    Body Image and Social Functioning

    Body Image and Socioeconomic Class

    Body Image Behaviors: Checking, Fixing, and Avoiding

    Body Image Change and Prevention, Dissonance-based Approaches to

    Body Image Change, Self-Help Approaches to

    Body Image Development-Adolescent Boys

    Body Image Development-Adolescent Girls

    Body Image Development-Adult Men

    Body Image Development-Adult Women

    Body Image Development-Boy Children

    Body Image Development-Girl Children

    Body Image of Dance and Aesthetic Sports

    Body Image in Mood and Psychotic Disorders

    Body Image in Non-Western Cultures

    Body Image, African American

    Body Image, Asian American

    Body Image, Familial Influences on

    Body Image, Hispanic/Latino

    Body Image, Peer Influences on

    Body Mutilation, cultural practices

    Body Weight and Body Image in Adults

    Body Weight and Body Image in Children and Adolescents


    Breast Size

    Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder

    Burn Injuries


    Children's Media Influences (e.g. Animation Films)

    Clothing and Adornment, Social Psychology of

    Cognitive-Behavioral Body Image Therapy

    Cognitive-Behavioral Perspectives (Body Image)

    Congenital Craniofacial and Maxillofacial Malformations

    Cosmetic Surgeries for the Face

    Cosmetic Surgeries of the Body

    Cosmetics Use, Psychology of

    Dental and Orthodontic Treatments

    Dieting, Compulsive

    Dolls and Action Figures

    Drug Use, Appearance and Performance-Enhancing

    Endocrine Conditions

    Evolutionary Perspectives (Physical Appearance)

    Exercise, Effects on Body Image

    Experiential and Somatopsychic Approaches to Body Image Change

    Face and Body in Motion: Nonverbal Communication

    Facial Transplants

    Feminist Perspectives (Body Image)

    Gender Identity Disorder, Transgender and Transsexualism

    Genetics and Human Appearance


    Gynecologic Conditions

    Hair Loss, Effects and Surgical/Drug Treatments for the Alopecias

    Hair Styling and Coloring

    Hair, Body and Facial

    History of the Science of Physical Appearance and Body Image

    Internalization of Thin-ideal and Muscular-ideal

    Measurement and Stability of Physical Attractiveness

    Measurement of Body Image in Adolescence and Adulthood

    Measurement of Body Image in Childhood

    Measurement of Perceptual Body Image

    Measurement of Physical Self-Confidence/Competence

    Media Influences on Female Body Image

    Media Influences on Male Body Image

    Medically Induced (Iatrogenic) Adverse Changes in Appearance

    Muscularity and Body Image

    Neuroscientific Perspectives (Body Image)

    Objectification and Self-Objectification Theory (Body Image)

    Occupational and Economic Consequences of Physical Attractiveness

    Physical Appearance and Stigma

    Physical Appearance Changes across Adulthood-Men

    Physical Appearance Changes across Adulthood-Women

    Physical Appearance Changes in Childhood and Adolescence-Boys

    Physical Appearance Changes in Childhood and Adolescence-Girls

    Physical Attractiveness and Personality

    Physical Attractiveness Stereotyping

    Physical Attractiveness: Dating, Mating, and Social Interaction

    Physical Disability and Body Image in Adults

    Physical Disability and Body Image in Children

    Plastic Surgery: Breast Reconstruction and Breast Reduction

    Positive Psychology Perspectives (Body Image)

    Pregnancy, Physical and Body Image Changes during

    Preventing Body Image Problems, Computer/Web-based Approaches to

    Preventing Body Image Problems, Ecological and Activism Approaches to

    Preventing Body Image Problems, Public Policy Approaches to

    Preventing Body Image Problems, School-based Approaches to

    Psychodynamic Perspectives (Body Image)

    Race, Ethnicity, and Human Appearance

    Self-Discrepancy Theory (Body Image)

    Self-Guided Weight Loss

    Self-Mutilation and excoriation

    Sexual Abuse and Body Image

    Skin Color/Tone

    Skin Diseases

    Smoking and Body Image

    Social Comparison Theory (Body Image)

    Sociocultural Perspectives on Body Image

    Surveys and the Epidemiology of Body Image

    Tanning, Natural and Artificial

    Teasing, Appearance-Related

    Traumatic Injuries and Body Image

    Weight-Loss Programs, Commercial and Popular Diets


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