Encyclopedia of Agricultural Science, Four-Volume Set book cover

Encyclopedia of Agricultural Science, Four-Volume Set

The Encyclopedia of Agricultural Science is the first comprehensive reference that covers the wide variety of disciplines which comprise the field of agricultural science. The four-volume set provides in-depth treatments of specialized topics which are comprehensible to high school and undergraduate students, yet are also beneficial to researchers and specialists. Articles are arranged alphabetically and include featured topics in animal, plant, range, and soilscience; food processing, storage, and distribution; agricultural economics, education, engineering, policy; pest management; rural sociology; water resources, and much more.

High school, college, university, agricultural experiment station, government, industry, and public libraries.


Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-226670-6


  • excellent work... Highly recommended for all libraries and reading levels, researchers to farmers to general readers."

    "This book fills a niche vacant since the last comprehensive work on this subject was published at the beginning of the century. The strength of the Encyclopedia of Agricultural Science rests in its much greater depth of the field of agriculture."


  • Volume 1: A-D:Foreword.Preface.How to Use the Encyclopedia.Agricultural Experiment Stations.Agroforestry.Air Pollution: Plant Growth and Productivity.Animal Behavior (Ethology).Animal Breeding and Genetics.Animal By-Products from Slaughter.Animal Diseases.Animal Nutrition, Nonruminant.Animal Nutrition, Ruminant.Animal Reproduction, An Overview of the Reproductive System.Animal Reproduction, Male.Animal Reproduction, Nonpregnant Female.Animal Reproduction, Pregnancy, Animal Waste Management.Apiculture.Bananas.Barley.Beef Cattle Production.Berries.Biomass.Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, United Kingdom.Brewing Technology.Cabbage and Cole Crops.Carbohydrates, Role in Human Nutrition.Christmas Tree Production.Citrus Fruits.Cocoa.Computer Applications in Agriculture.Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research.Cooperative Extension System.Cooperatives.Corn Crop Production.Corn Genetics and Breeding.Corn Processing and Utilization.Cotton Crop Production.Cotton Processing and Utilization.Crop Subsidies.Cultivar Development.Dairy Cattle Production.Dairy Processing and Products.Deciduous Fruit Trees.Desertification of Drylands.Dormancy.Draft Animal Power.Dryland Farming.Volume 2: E-L:Edible Tree Nuts: Pecan and Other Hickories.Edible Tree Nuts, Walnuts.Education: Children and Youth.Education: Undergraduate and Graduate University.Egg Production, Processing, and Products.Embryo Transfer in Domestic Animals.Energy Utilization.Entomology, Horticultural. Entomology, Veterinary.Environmental Horticulture.Ethics.Evolution of Domesticated Plants.Farming Systems.Fats and Cholesterol, Role in Human Nutrition.Feeds and Feeding.Fertilizer Management and Technology.Finance.Floriculture.Food Biochemistry: Lipids, Carbohydrates, and Nucleic Acids.Food Biochemistry: Pigments, Flavors, Aromas, and Stability.Food Biochemistry: Proteins, Enzymes, and Enzyme Inhibitors.Food Chemistry.Food Composition.Food Dehydration.Food Irradiation.Food Marketing Systems.Food Microbiology.Food Packaging.Food Preservatives.Food Process Engineering: Heat and Mass Transfer.Food Process Engineering: Storage and Transport of Fluid Foods in Plants.Food Process Engineering: Thermodynamic and Transport Properties.Food Toxicology.Forages.Forest Ecology.Forest Tree, Genetic Improvement.Fungicides.Goat Production.Government Agricultural Policy, United States.Grain, Feed, and Crop Storage.Ground Water.Herbicides and Herbicide Resistance.Heterosis.Horse Industry: Trends, Opportunities, and Issues.Horticultural Greenhouse Engineering.Insect Physiology.Integrated Pest Management.International Agricultural Research.Irrigation Engineering, Evapotranspiration.Irrigation Engineering: Farm Practices, Methods, and Systems.Irrigation in Humid Regions.Labor.Lactation.Land Use Planning in Agriculture.Livestock Pests.Volume 3: M-R:Macroeconomics of World Agriculture.Measurement of Micro-oxygen Supply and Demand.Meat Processing.Melons: Biochemical and Physiological Control of Sugar Accumulation.Meteorology.Microclimate.Minerals, Role in Human Nutrition.Natural Rubber Production in Arid and Semiarid Zones.Nematicides.Nitrogen Cycling.Oat.Orchard Management: Soil Environment and Resources.Orchard Management Systems.Peanuts.Pest Management, Biological Control.Pest Management, Chemical Control.Pest Management, Cultural Control.Photosynthesis.Plant Biochemistry.Plant Biotechnology: Food Safety and Environmental Issues.Plant Cytology, Modern Techniques.Plant Cytoskeleton.Plant Ecology.Plant Gene Mapping.Plant Genetic Enhancement.Plant Genetic Resource Conservation and Utilization.Plant Genetic Resources.Plant Pathology.Plant Physiology.Plant Propagation.Plant Stress.Plant Tissue Culture.Plant Virology.Popcorn.Postharvest Physiology.Potato.Poultry Processing and Products.Poultry Production.Prices.Production Economics.Quantitative Methods in Agricultural Economics.Rabbit Production.Rangeland.Rangeland Condition and Trend.Rangeland Ecology.Rangeland Grass Improvement.Rangeland Grazing.Rangeland Management and Planning.Rangeland Plants.Rangeland Shrubs.Rangeland Soils.Rangeland Watershed Management.Rice Genetics and Breeding.Rice Processing and Utilization.Root and Tuber Crops.Rural Development, International.Rural Sociology.Volume 4: S-W, Index:Silk Production and Processing.Silviculture.Soil, Acid.Soil and Land Use Surveys.Soil and Water Management and Conservation.Soil, Chemicals: Movement and Retention.Soil Chemistry.Soil Drainage.Soil Fertility.Soil Genesis, Morphology, and Classification.Soil Management.Soil Microbiology.Soil Pollution.Soil Testing for Plant Growth and Soil Fertility.Soil-Water Relationships.Sorghum.Soybean Genetics and Breeding.Soybean Production.Structures.Sugarbeet.Sugarcane.Sustainable Agriculture.Swine Production.Tariffs and Trade.Tea.Temperate Hardwoods.Thermal Processing: Canning and Pasteurization.Tillage Systems.Tobacco.Tomato Production in Protected Cultivation.Transgenic Animals.Transposable Elements in Plants.Tropical and Subtropical Fruit.Tropical Grasslands.Tropical Pasture Development.Tropical Rain Forests: Hydrology and Climate.Turfgrasses.U.S. Department of Agriculture: A National System of Agricultural Research.U.S.Farms: Changing Size and Structure.Viticulture.Waste Management Engineering.Water: Control and Use.Water Resources.Weed Science.Wetlands and Riparian Areas: Economics and Policy.Wheat Breeding and Genetics.Wheat Processing and Utilization.Wildlife Management.Women in Agriculture.Wood Properties.Wool and Mohair Production and Processing.World Hunger and Food Security.Appendix A: United States Colleges and Universities Offering Academic Programs in Agriculture.Appendix B: United Nations Agricultural and Other Related Organizations.Contributors.Subject Index.Index of Related Titles.


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