Electronic Resource Management

Practical Perspectives in a New Technical Services Model


  • Anne Elguindi
  • Kari Schmidt, American University Library, USA

A significant shift is taking place in libraries, with the purchase of e-resources accounting for the bulk of materials spending. Electronic Resource Management makes the case that technical services workflows need to make a corresponding shift toward e-centric models and highlights the increasing variety of e-formats that are forcing new developments in the field.

Six chapters cover key topics, including: technical services models, both past and emerging; staffing and workflow in electronic resource management; implementation and transformation of electronic resource management systems; the role of the electronic resource librarian in discovery systems, layers and tools; and academic library consortia and the evolving role of electronic resources and technology. The leading chapters include case studies from around the world, and a concluding chapter focuses on the disruptive nature of e-books and how broad adoption of this format is emerging as the tipping point towards holistic ā€˜resource managementā€™, where separate technical services processes for print and electronic resources are finally merged.
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Professional academic librarians who work primarily in technical services, electronic resource management, acquisitions, and library systems


Book information

  • Published: October 2012
  • Imprint: Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84334-668-5

Table of Contents

Emerging technical services models in the context of the past; Electronic resource management: Staffing and workflow; Electronic resource management systems: Implementation and transformation; Discovery systems, layers and tools, and the role of the electronic resource librarian; Academic library consortia and the evolving role of electronic resources and technology; Conclusion: e-books and the future of technical services.