Electronic Design Automation book cover

Electronic Design Automation

Synthesis, Verification, and Test

This book provides broad and comprehensive coverage of the entire EDA flow. EDA/VLSI practitioners and researchers in need of fluency in an "adjacent" field will find this an invaluable reference to the basic EDA concepts, principles, data structures, algorithms, and architectures for the design, verification, and test of VLSI circuits. Anyone who needs to learn the concepts, principles, data structures, algorithms, and architectures of the EDA flow will benefit from this book.

Practitioners/Researchers in electronic design automation, including VLSI design engineers, verfication engineers, and test engineers.

Hardbound, 972 Pages

Published: February 2009

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-374364-0


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Fundamentals of CMOS Design
    Chapter 3: Design for Testability
    Chapter 4: Fundamentals of Algorithms
    Chapter 5: Electronic System-Level Design and High-Level Synthesis
    Chapter 6: Logic Synthesis in a Nutshell
    Chapter 7: Test Synthesis
    Chapter 8: Logic and Circuit Simulation
    Chapter 9: Functional Verification
    Chapter 10: Floorplanning
    Chapter 11: Placement
    Chapter 12: Global and Detailed Routing
    Chapter 13: Synthesis of Clock and Power/Ground Networks
    Chapter 14: Fault Simulation and Test Generation.


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