Electrical Motor Products book cover

Electrical Motor Products

International Energy-Efficiency Standards and Testing Methods

Electrical motor products reviews the energy efficiency management laws for electrical motor products in United States, European Union (EU) and China. The energy efficiency certification requirements for the electrical motor products vary from country to country and are summarised here. International standards, testing methods and certification requirements for specific electrical motor products are discussed, including electric motors, pumps and fans. Finally, methods for improving energy efficiency are examined.

Mechanical engineers

Hardbound, 192 Pages

Published: September 2011

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-85709-077-5


  • Introduction: The importance of energy-efficiency for electrical motor products; Classification: Electric motors, pumps, fans; Energy-efficiency technical measures system for electrical motor products; Energy-efficiency standards of electrical motor products; Measurement errors and uncertainties; Testing methods for electric motors; Efficiency testing methods for centrifugal pumps; Efficiency testing methods for centrifugal fans; How to improve the energy-efficiency of electrical motor products; Modern control methods for the induction motor.


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