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Drugs During Pregnancy and Lactation

Treatment Options and Risk Assessment

The latest edition is the resource for any practicing OB/GYN, family physician, midwife, or pharmacist who prescribes medicinal products to or evaluates environmental or occupational exposures in women who are or may become pregnant. Based on the highly successful seven German editions of this reference, the up-to-date drug listings have been revised into a handy pocket guide color tabbed for quick access to important information. Easy to reference each drug is listed discussing the side effects, general impact on organ systems, potential toxicity, and risks before offering dosage recommendations. It is the only book of its kind to provide conclusive information on treatments for diseases during pregnancy and lactation and actions to be taken after (inadvertant) exposure to drugs suspected to be developmentaly toxic. Unlike other dosage guides, this edition is an affordable, compact compendium of knowledge on the very latest drugs and their effects on pregnant/lactating women.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists; Breast feeding specialists, Nursing practitioners, Midwives


Published: June 2007

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-444-52072-2


  • "A welcome edition to an already thorough reference...succinct texts such as this are invaluable and worthy of a spot on a bookshelf of any health care practitioner who advises pregnant or lactating women." - Myla Moretti, Motherisk Program, Toronto, Ontario, in CANADIAN JOURNAL OF HOSPITAL PHARMACY "The best feature of this book is its thorough coverage of how medications pass into breast milk and the way it takes into consideration the differences posed by infant age and maturity. Lists of drug therapies accompanied with recommendations regarding therapy choice and safe alternatives, are especially helpful. The appendixes are a highlight of this book, providing practitioners with a wealth of listed resources. This book is highly recommended to all clinicians working in the areas of obstetrics, pediatrics, and lactation. It offers more specific recommendations regarding treatment options than a similar book, Hale's Medications and Mothers Milk, 12th edition (Hale Publishing, 2006)...[Schaefer] is a great addition to the clinician's library. This second edition contains major revisions with many sections completely rewritten, and the price is lower, making the book available to a greater readership." - DOODY ENTERPRISES, Inc. "The book comes with a nifty accessibility enhancer, a laminated pocket card with a table of risk/safety attributes of commonly used medications. The availability of information in such a compact and pocket-friendly form will be very popular with some clinicians...The contributors to this book have done a very nice job...An important feature of Drugs During Pregnancy and Lactation. Treatment options and risk assessment is the inclusion of recommendations for most medications or groups of medications. The recommendations are set forth in a shaded box for easy visibility and will be appreciated by clinicians looking for clear answers. This book has staying power, and I expect we will see subsequent editions on a regular basis...the book will find an appreciative audience." - Anthony R. Scialli, M.D., Reproductive Toxicology Center, Bethesda, MD "A user-friendly pocket guide that's been extensively revised throughout, with content rewritten and adapted for an internal audience...includes a removable quick reference card on the safety of most frequently used drugs. The book contains new information on herbs, vitamins, and supplement use during pregnancy and expanded chapters on antiepileptics, psychopharmacological agents, disease modifying drugs, and cancer therapy." -CONTEMPORARY OB/GYN "It is wonderful to have another source to assess the risks for use of medications not only in pregnancy but while breastfeeding." --Sharon Voyer Lavigne, M.S, Connecticut Pregnancy Exposure Information Service "Drugs During Pregnancy and Lacation, Treatment Options and Risk Assessment, Second Edition, is a well organized, concise, and comprehensive reference guide assembled by internationally recognized experts in the field – a valuable tool for clinicians." --Christina D. Chambers, Ph.D., M.P.H., Departments of Pediatrics and Family and Preventive Medicine, University of California in San Diego


  • PrefaceList of Contributors1. General commentary to drug therapy and drug risks in pregnancyRichard K. Miller, Paul W. Peters and Christof E. Schaefer2. Specific drug therapies during pregnancy2.1 Analgesics and Anti-Inflammatory DrugsMinke Reuvers, Christof Schaefer2.2 Antiallergic Drugs and DesensitizationMargreet Rost van Tonningen2.3 Antiasthmatic and Cough MedicationHanneke Garbis2.4 AntiemeticsLee H Goldstein, Matitiahu Berkovitch2.5 Gastrointestinal, Antilipidemic Agents and SpasmolyticsMargreet Rost van Tonningen2.6 Anti-infective agentsHanneke Garbis, Margreet Rost van Tonningen, Minke Reuvers2.7 Vaccines and ImmunoglobulinsPaul Peters2.8 Heart and Circulatory System Drugs and Diuretics Corinna Weber-Schöndorfer2.9 Anticoagulant and fibrinolytic drugsMinke Reuvers2.10 AntiepilepticsElisabeth Robert-Gnansia, Christof Schaefer2.11 Psychotropic drugsHanneke Garbis, Patricia R. McElhatton2.12.Immunomodulators Corinna Weber-Schöndorfer2.13 Antineoplastic DrugsCorinna Weber-Schöndorfer, Christof Schaefer2.14 Uterine contraction agents, tocolytics, vaginal therapeutics and local contraceptivesHerman van Geijn2.15 HormonesElvira Rodriguez-Pinilla, Corinna Weber-Schöndorfer2.16 General and local anesthetics and muscle relaxantsAsher Ornoy2.17 Dermatological medications and local therapeuticsPaul Peters, Christof Schaefer 2.18 Vitamins, minerals and trace elementsPaul Peters, Christof Schaefer2.19 Herbs During PregnancyHenry M. Hess, Richard K. Miller,2.20 Diagnostic agentsElisabeth Robert-Gnansia 2.21Recreational drugsPaul Peters Christof Schaefer2.22 Poisonings and ToxinsChristof Schaefer2.23 Occupational, industrial and environmental agentsPaul Peters, Richard K. Miller and Patricia R. McElhatton 3 General Commentary on Drug Therapy and Drug Risk During LactationRuth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer4 Specific drug therapies during lactation4.1 Analgesics, antiphlogistics and anestheticsChristof Schaefer4.2 Antiallergics, antiasthmatics and antitussivesChristof Schaefer4.3 Gastrointestinal drugsChristof Schaefer4.4 AntiinfectivesChristof Schaefer4.5 Vaccines and ImmunoglobulinsRuth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer4.6 Cardiovascular drugs and diureticsChristof Schaefer4.7 Anticoagulants and fibrinolyticsChristof Schaefer4.8 AntiepilepticsChristof Schaefer4.9 Psychotropic drugsChristof Schaefer4.10 Immunomodulating and Antineoplastic AgentsRuth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer4.11 Hormones and hormone antagonistsChristof Schaefer4.12 Dermatological Drugs and Local TherapeuticsRuth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer4.13 Alternative Remedies , Vitamins and MineralsRuth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer4.14 DiagnosticsRuth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer4.15 InfectionsRuth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer4.16 Recreational DrugsRuth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer4.17 Plant ToxinsRuth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer4.18 Industrial chemicals and environmental contaminantsChristof SchaeferAppendix A - Teratology Information CentersAppendix B - Addresses for breastfeeding supportSubject Index


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