Driving Strategic Change in Financial Services book cover

Driving Strategic Change in Financial Services

Technology. Deregulation. Privatisation. Globalisation. No financial service business is immune to these forces, as they feed on each other in a whirlwind of change. These changes will require a revolution in the way all organizations are managed, demanding:

  • New competitive strategies
  • Alliances and mergers
  • Business intelligence
  • Risk management
  • Quick responses
Driving strategic change in financial services outlines the important trends and political decisions which have transformed the financial services industry. It examines how organizations are responding to the new industry models by implementing new strategies, new structures and new management systems. Five senior executives describe how they have each helped to create and implement a practical vision for their organizations.

The financial services industry


Published: May 1999

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-431-9


  • Part 1 The driving forces for change: The Darwinian shake-out in financial services; Deregulation and re-regulation; Changing needs and expectation; The impact of technology and globalization; Competition and performance; Strategy and structure. Part 2 Strategic leadership: Reorganizing and re-engineering a building society; Managing the portfolio of a global financial services organization; Implementing new distribution strategies; Corporate development for an international bank; Managing public affairs in the life insurance industry.


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