Doing Business Successfully in China book cover

Doing Business Successfully in China

Despite the overwhelming importance of the Chinese economy to the success of Western economies, there has yet to be an examination of why Western companies have had difficulties in doing business with the Chinese. A significant barrier that companies have difficulty to overcome is the effective communication with their Chinese counter parts. This major impediment is caused by no understanding of the cultural differences between the Chinese and Western business cultures. This book offers the solution to this problem: the bi-cultural personnel.

Hardbound, 246 Pages

Published: August 2011

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-549-7


  • Communicating with Chinese by understanding them better; The Chung Model: A practical business example; Characteristics of the Chinese in commercial negotiations; A culturally sound entry strategy brings success; The mindset of culture and its impact; Mistakes to avoid in managing multicultural teams; Cultural obstacles to negotiations: New research in China; Eat, drink and may your business prosper; How to market products to Chinese consumers.


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