Diversity Programming and Outreach for Academic Libraries book cover

Diversity Programming and Outreach for Academic Libraries

This book outlines issues surrounding diversity among students, faculty, and staff and how one urban university library is working to embrace and celebrate the diversity found in its building, on campus, and in the local community. This book illustrates how universities are uniquely situated to engage students in discussions about diversity and how academic libraries in particular can facilitate and ease these discussions. A Diversity Council and the projects and programs it has developed have been instrumental in this work and may serve as an inspiration and launch pad for other libraries. Diversity Programming and Outreach for Academic Libraries details anecdotal experiences, and provides practical suggestions for developing diversity programs and forming collaborations with other campus units, regardless of size, staff, or focus of the academic library.

Librarians and staff of academic and university libraries

Paperback, 194 Pages

Published: June 2011

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-635-7


  • …this book can stimulate ideas of how libraries of all types may contribute proactively to community outreach., The Australian Library Journal


  • Introduction to diversity in academic libraries; Creating a diversity council; Institutionalizing student involvement in library initiatives; Examples of diversity programming and outreach; Building bridges: Developing the International Newsroom; Sharing the wealth: Other library departments and diversity initiatives; Assessing programming and outreach; Challenges and opportunities to continued diversity initiatives.


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