Diseases of Shade Trees, Revised Edition book cover

Diseases of Shade Trees, Revised Edition

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Arboriculturists, horticulturists, tree and forest pathologists, and forest managers.


Published: August 1989

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-684351-4


  • "A welcome addition to a specialized section of plant pathology...a good introduction to an understanding of diseases... of interest to both the professional and lay arboriculturist."


  • Infectious Diseases:Introduction.The Fungi.Bacteria.Nematodes.Viruses.Mycoplasmas.Seed Plants.Leaf Diseases.Stem Diseases.Root Diseases.Rust Diseases.Wilt Diseases.Wound Diseases--Discoloration and Decay in Living Trees.Noninfectious Diseases:Introduction to Noninfectious Diseases.Temperature Stress.Moisture Stress.Soil Stress.Animal Injury.Construction Injury and Soil Compaction.Chemical Injury.Tree Maintenance.Air Pollution.Diebacks and Declines--Complex Diseases.Special Topics:Nonpathogenic Conditions.Disease Diagnosis.Living Hazard Trees.Glossary.Appendices:Common and Scientific Names of Ornamental Woody Plants.Use of Pesticides.Literature Containing Information about Shade Tree Diseases or Insects.Index.Each chapter includes references.


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