Direct Release Myofascial Technique book cover

Direct Release Myofascial Technique

An Illustrated Guide for Practitioners

Direct Release Myofascial Technique provides a highly illustrated guide to direct release myofascial techniques (MFR) and their application in clinical practice. MFR is a manual therapy method that influences both a body's structural tissues and the sensory/motor systems. Originally developed by Dr Ida Rolf, the creator of the Rolfing® method, the approach has since been adapted and modified by different groups of therapists to fit within their own particular philosophies. This book strips away the surrounding theories and philosophies and focuses on the safe and appropriate use of the techniques themselves. Numerous photographs supplement the detailed, step-by-step coverage of techniques.

Paperback, 232 Pages

Published: July 2004

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07390-8


  • Section 1 The Basics
    1. Developing a hypothetical model
    2. How to do it
    3. Bodywork
    4. The tools of the trade
    Section 2 Application of Techniques
    1. The lower extremities
    2. The pelvis
    3. The trunk
    4. Intra oral
    5. The cervical region
    6. The head and face
    7. Towards the more effective treatment of headaches
    8. The upper extremities


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