Dinoflagellates book cover


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Published: December 1984

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-656520-1


  • Contributors.Preface.Dinoflagellates: An Introduction, D.L. Spector.Dinoflagellate Taxonomy, J.D. Dodge.Dinoflagellate Cell Cortex, H. Netzel and G. Durr.Dinoflagellate Nuclei, D.L. Spector.Cell cycle and Mitosis, R.E. Triemer and L. Fritz.Sexual Reproduction, L.A. Pfiester.Toxic Marine Dinoflagellates, K.A. Steidinger and D.G. Baden.Dinoflagellate Genetics, C.A. Beam and M. Himes.Dinoflagellate Physiology and Biochemistry, A.R. Loeblich III.Circadian Rhythmicity in Dinoflagellates, B.M. Sweeney.Unusual Inclusions, D.L. Spector.Culturing Dinoflagellates, R.R.L. Guillard and M.D. Keller.Dinoflagellate Cysts, A.R. Loeblich III and L.A. Loeblich.Dinoflagellate Evolution, A.R. Loeblich III.Taxonomic Index.Subject Index.


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