Digital UNIX System Administrator's Guide


  • Matthew Cheek, Senior UNIX System Administrator at Medical Archival Systems, Inc. (part of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) and the author of Digital UNIX System Administrator's Guide. Cheek has installed, configured, managed, and written about UNIX systems from a variety of vendors since 1988.

Digital UNIX System Administrator's Guide is the first book to address Digital UNIX system administration from an experienced administrator's point of view. Every topic covered is specific to Digital UNIX, including installing and configuring the system; creating and managing user accounts; managing networking, printing and the Web; developing and implementing backup strategies; and tuning and troubleshooting.This book walks the novice Digital UNIX administrator through the initial system installation and is a guide through the main points of administering a Digital UNIX system. It also serves as a valuable reference guide for experienced UNIX system administrators who are new to Digital UNIX. It includes appendices that list URLs of valuable resources on the Web and detail useful public domain utilities and where to get them.About Digital UNIX: Digital UNIX sales grew by 51% last year, faster than the industry's UNIX growth. (Overall, high-end UNIX server sales gained 5% last year and midrange UNIX servers grew 34%.) Digital was the first to offer 64-bit architecture, which has caused Sun, HP and Silicon Graphics to follow their lead. The combination of Digital UNIX and Alpha technology provides extremely high system performance. Analysts say that UNIX has a good three to five year technology lead over Windows NT due to its scalability, reliability, and clustering ability.
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Digital UNIX system administrators


Book information

  • Published: December 1998
  • Imprint: DIGITAL PRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-55558-199-2


"With the Digital UNIX System Administrator's Guide, author Matthew Cheek presents an exceptionally thorough and logical examination of Digital UNIX administration and concerns. He defines each term and concept as he introduces the accompanying techniques. Cheek presents an introduction to the chapters detailing what the chapter contains. He employs a rare continuity from chapter to chapter. For example, the Installation chapter leads into System Configuration, which bridges into User Accounts. This is a superb addition to existing general administration documentation and an excellent guide to the Digital UNIX system." - Elizabeth Zinkann, SysAdmin, Books: A User's Report, Apr/1999

Table of Contents

Introduction*Installation*System Configuration*User Accounts and Security*Services and Resources*Networking*Performance, Tuning and Recovery*Troubleshooting*Appendices