Dietary Fibre book cover

Dietary Fibre

Chemical and Biological Aspects

Advances made in the last two decades have provided increasing insights into the chemical complexity of dietary fibre and this important book reviews the current state of knowledge on the role of fibre in the diet. It covers such areas as the chemistry of dietary fibre, health benefits to the consumer, effects on the small and large intestine, effect on lipid metabolism, implications to the industry and more…

Dietary fibre: Chemical and biological aspects will prove essential reading for food chemists and technologists, nutritionists, biological scientist, clinicians, the food pharmaceutical industries, and regulatory bodies.

Hardbound, 386 Pages

Published: November 1990

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-778-5


  • Part 1 Dietary fibre, health and the consumer. Part 2 Chemistry of dietary fibre. Part 3 Analytical techniques. Part 4 effect of fibre on the small intestine: Implications for digestion and nutrient absorption. Part 5 dietary fibre in the large intestine: Implications for colorectal function and energy metabolism. Part 6 Dietary fibre and lipid metabolism. Part 7 dietary fibre and the food and pharmaceutical industries.


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