Diagnosing and Treating Computer-Related Vision Problems book cover

Diagnosing and Treating Computer-Related Vision Problems

Extremely well known for his work in VDT-related syndromes, James Sheedy writes for the optometrist in practice. Diagnosing and Treating VDT-Related Visual Problems addresses the visual and environmental factors that cause the visual problems experienced by computer users.

Paperback, 288 Pages

Published: September 2002

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7404-1


  • 1. Computer Vision Syndrome
    2. Positioning Your Practice to Care for Computer-User Patients
    3. Signs and Symptoms of Computer Vision Problems
    4. Diagnosing and Treating Refractive Errors for Computer Users
    5. Diagnosis and Treatment of Accommodative and Binocular Conditions
    6. Presbyopia and Computer Use
    7. Treating Ocular Pathological Conditions that Affect Computer Vision
    8. Lighting
    9. Reflections from the Computer Display
    10. Computer Displays
    11. Optimum Workstation Arrangements
    12. The ECP as a Consultant providing Workplace Evaluations
    13. Assisting Children and Low Vision Patients in the Use of Computers
    14. Marketing Yourself as a Computer Vision Specialist


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