Developing IP-Based Services

Solutions for Service Providers and Vendors


  • Monique Morrow, Cisco Systems
  • Kateel Vijayananda, Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco Systems, Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Offering new services is a great way for your organization to drive traffic and boost revenue, and what better foundation for these services than IP? This much is a given. The difficulty is uniting business and technical perspectives in a cohesive development and deployment process.

Meeting this challenge is the focus of Developing IP-Based Services. The only book of its kind devoted exclusively to IP-based services, it provides a blueprint for all the engineers, managers, and analysts who must come together to build these services and bring them online.Inside, you'll find just the right balance of business and technical coverage, introduced with a lucid discussion of the principles of service development and wrapped up with three case studies illustrating effective provisioning in today's marketplace. Read the chapters relating to your role, and you'll play it more successfully. Have your team read the entire book, and you'll achieve a level of collaboration and shared understanding that will quickly accrue to the bottom line.

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Book information

  • Published: September 2002
  • ISBN: 978-1-55860-779-8


Synchronized perfectly -- at the moment in time when market demand is shifting from simple Internet connectivity services to feature-rich and more sophisticated intra or extra network services -- Morrow and Vijayananda's Developing IP-Based Services spans the gap to provide both vision and solutions for service providers to start profitable, value-added network services businesses! --Y. Reina Wang, Senior Technical Staff Member, AT&T Labs This book is written by the people who are not theoreticians, but practitioners. It will make quite a noticeable contribution to the service provider field. --Yakov Rekhter, Juniper Network

Table of Contents

Foreword Preface Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 2 - Building the Case for IP-Based Services Chapter 3 - Greenfield Service Providers: Opportunities and Challenges Chapter 4 - Incumbent Service Providers: Opportunities and Challenges Chapter 5 - IP as a Building Block: Enabling Multiservices Chapter 6 - IP-Based Service Implementation and Network Management Chapter 7 - IP-Based Services: Advanced Topics Chapter 8 - Case Studies Closing Remarks: Remaining Competitive with IP Acronyms Bibliography Index