Deploying QoS for Cisco IP and Next Generation Networks

The Definitive Guide


  • Vinod Joseph, Juniper, UK
  • Brett Chapman, Cisco Systems

Deploying QoS for IP Next Generation Networks: The Definitive Guide provides network architects and planners with insight into the various aspects that drive QoS deployment for the various network types. It serves as a single source of reference for businesses that plan to deploy a QoS framework for voice, video, mobility and data applications creating a converged infrastructure. It further provides detailed design and implementation details for various service deployments across the various Cisco platforms such as the CRS-1, 12000, 7600 & 7200 series routers that are widely deployed in most Carrier Networks.

The book covers architectural and implementation specific information plus recommendations for almost all the popular line cards across the various hardware platforms widely used in the market. It also addresses QoS architecture and deployment on the Cisco CRS-1 platform and is considered as a unique selling point of this book.

In short the books serve as an "On the Job Manual" which can also be used as a study guide for Cisco specialist certification programs (CCNA, CCIP, CCIE)

This book will includes detailed illustration and configurations. In addition, it provides detailed case studies along with platform specific tests and measurement results. A link to a detailed tutorial on QoS metrics and associated test results will be available at the book's companion website in order to ensure that the reader is able to understand QoS functionality from a deployment standpoint.
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Primary Audience: Network Designers, Architects, Technical Leads, and Business Managers involved in designing and deploying a QoS framework for Quad play services (Voice, Data, Video, Mobility). Secondary Audience: Study guide for those pursuing Cisco Career Certification in the areas of Routing & Switching, Service Provider, and Voice (CCNA, CCIP, CCIE). [Note: This book is not a certification exam preparation guide but it does go into great detail about the latest Cisco hardware and software platforms related to QoS implementation and therefore will be of interest to those who are planning to take or who have taken the certification exam.]


Book information

  • Published: April 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-374461-6


"Deploying QoS for Cisco IP Next Generation Networks: The Definitive Guide by two distinguished network architects from Cisco Systems, Vinod Joseph and Brett Chapman, is an outstanding book covering up-to-date and novel quality of service (QoS) concepts and solutions.... it is a book that cannot be missed."--Rafal Stankiewicz, IEEE Communications Magazine, October, 2010

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Evolution of Communication SystemQuality of Service Definition Transmission Infrastructure Evolution The First Global Communications Network – PSTN The Internet and TCP/IP History The Computer Age Computer Internetworking X.25 Packet Switching The Evolution of Packet Switching – Frame relay Asynchronous Transfer Mode Ethernet Beyond the LAN IP as the Converged Protocol The Emergence of Service Level Agreements The Service Provider Virtual Private Network Evolution of the Telecommunications Industry The Next Generation Network Vision The Cisco Next Generation Network Framework The Network Requirements The Path to Next Generation Network Upgrade the Existing ISP Network Upgrade the Existing Enterprise VPN Infrastructure A Completely New Core Network What’s in this Book SummaryChapter 2 Introduction to Cisco’s Quality of Service Architecture for IP Networks Building blocks of the IP NGN QoS framework End to End QoS Operation Trust Boundaries ConclusionChapter 3 Class of Service Requirements for Quad-Play Networks Overview Service Level Agreements Diff-Serv QoS and Traffic Mapping Options QoS Requirements and Design for Video Applications QoS Requirements and Design for Voice over IP QoS Requirements and Design for Data Applications Class for Routing and Management Traffic SummaryChapter 4 Carrier CE Services in Cisco IP NGN Networks Overview Customer Requirements SummaryChapter 5 Quality of Service for IP Mobile Networks Overview 1st Generation Mobile Network The 2nd Generation Mobile Network The 2.5G Mobile Network The 3rd Generation Mobile Vision The Evolution Toward 3G 3rd Generation Evolution for GSM Converged NGN Infrastructure for Mobile Transport 3rd Generation Release 99 Overview 3rd Generation Release 99 Convergence Over IP/MPLS 3rd Generation Release 4 Overview 3rd Generation Release 4 Convergence Over IP/MPLS 3rd Generation Release 5/6 Overview 3rd Generation Release 5/6 Convergence Over IP/MPLS Mobile Network RAN Access IPV6 in 3G Networks 3GPP Specifications for IPv6 Overview of QOS and the 3GPP Standards Quality of Service (QoS) Concept and Architecture (3GPP TS 23.107) 3G Traffic Classes Bearer Service Attributes Mobile Network Protocol Stacks Packet Switched Domain Network Protocol Stacks GSM 2.5G GPRS Protocol Stacks 3G Release 99 and Release 4 GPRS Protocol Stacks 3G Release 5 GPRS Protocol Stacks Mobile Network Transport Framework Quality of Service Framework QOS Traffic Management for Mobile Quality of Service Mapping for 2.5G and 3G Release 99 Quality of Service Mapping for 3G Release 4 Quality of Service Mapping for 3G Release 5 SummaryChapter 6 QoS Service Assurance Introduction Revisiting Service Level Agreements Calculating Delay Calculating Jitter Calculating Packet Loss The Need for Performance Management SummaryChapter 7 Cisco CRS-1, 12000, 7600 and ASR1000 Router Architecture Overview Cisco Carrier Routing System Series Routers Cisco 12000 Series Router Cisco 7600 Series Router Cisco ASR1000 Series Router SummaryChapter 8 Cisco IOS and IOS-XR Quality of Service Implementation for MPLS Layer 3 VPN Services Overview QoS Implementation for MPLS Layer 3 VPN services Edge QoS Configurations DiffServ Tunneling Modes on IOS-XR SummaryChapter 9 Cisco IOS and IOS-XR Quality of Service Implementation for Carrier Ethernet and Virtual Leased Line Services Overview Carrier Ethernet Service EVC QoS Overview Summary Virtual Leased Line Service SummaryChapter 10 Cisco IOS and IOS-XR Quality of Service Implementation for IP Internet Services Overview QoS Implementation for IP Internet Services QoS configurations SummaryChapter 11 Cisco IOS and IOS-XR Quality of Service Implementation for Multicast Services Overview QoS Implementation for Multicast Services SummaryChapter 12 Proof of Concept for Verifying QoS Behavior in Cisco IP NGN Networks Overview Test Setup Test Procedure without QoS enabled Test Procedure with QoS enabled SummaryChapter 13 Performance Monitoring and Measurement Overview The Importance of Performance Measurement and Monitoring Performance Measurement Framework Performance Measurement Options Simple Network Management Protocol NetFlow IP Service Level Agreement IP SLA Deployment Command Line Interface Service Provider Deployment Example SummaryChapter 14 Summary Introduction The Evolution of IP Routed Networks Compromised Traffic Delivery Future directions in the deployment of QoS The IPV6 Flow Label Summary