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Cultivating Edible Fungi


Published: March 1987

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-42747-2


  • ... this must be regarded as a very worthwhile production. ... Any organisation involved in serious research and development work on almost any aspect of cultivated mushrooms will surely need access to a copy.
    The Mushroom Journal


  • (Abbreviated Titles): Biology & Microbiology. Antitumor activities of edible mushrooms by oral administration. La France disease of Agaricus bisporus. Variability of fluorescent Pseudomonas populations in composts and casing soils for mushroom culture. Influence of microorganisms and fungistasis on sporophore initiation in A. brunnescens. Nutritional influences on Volvariella volvacea growth in Puerto Rico. Kratovirulence determinant of wood-decay fungi in transfer of Mycelia to, and Basidiocarp formation on, wooden raw substrates. Spent compost as a carrier for bacterial inoculant production. Studies on spore germination of Pholiota destruens (Brond) Gillet. Physiology & Nutrition. Effects of growth regulator compounds on yield and size of commercial mushroom, A. bisporus. Indoor static composting for mushroom (A. bisporus Lge Sing) cultivation. Nutrient supplementation for A. bisporus cultivation. Effect of benomyl application and SpawnMate supplementation on yield and size of selected genotypes of Pleurotus spp. Changes in free amino acid content of compost during growth and development of A. bisporus. Preliminary studies on effect of plant extracts on mycelial growth and yield of A. bisporus and fungal flora in compost. Physiological studies on P. destruens: carbon and nitrogen utilization. Genetics & Cytology. The chaetaceous case of the Chaste Champignon. Basidiospore number variation in Agaricus. Nuclear number of heterocaryotic fungal cells. Genetic diversity between isolates of Pleurotus ostreatus as revealed by isozyme analysis. Strategies for conservation of genetic resources. Germplasm preservation of edible fungi in culture through cryogenic storage. Collection and conservation of genes of Lentinus. Evidence for involvement of plasmids in sporophore initiation and development in A. bisporus. Food Science & Mushroom Quality. Evaluation of textural changes related to postharvest quality and shelf life of fresh mushrooms. Influence of reduced cropping temperature and addition of chalk to casing layer on yield, quality and shelf life of fresh mushrooms. Effects of growing temperature on first break mushrooms. Effect of type of peat casing layer and addition of calcium chloride to watering treatments on quality and shelf life of fresh mushrooms. Evaluation of bacterial populations associated with fresh mushrooms A. bisporus. Cultural aspects affecting the consistent production of good quality closed hybrid mushrooms. Mushroom pest complex: effect on yield and quality. Some developments of mushroom processing. Pathology & Entomology. Recent experience in detecting viral double-stranded RNA in commercial mushroom crops and effect on yield. Physiology and morphology of Sepedonium niveum. Assessment of Chinese straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea) fungal competitors on sugarcane bagasse. Evolution of phytopathological situation in the French caves. Bacterial diseases of edible mushrooms and their control. Computer model to simulate occurrence and increase of insect and mite pests of cultivated mushrooms in Australia. Nematode parasites of mushroom flies. Biology of Phorid fly, Megaselia sandhui Disney (Diptera: Phoridae) on temperate mushroom. Spore germination behaviour of Verticillium fungicola (Preuss) Hassebr. under different environmental conditions. Physiochemical changes in A. bisporus due to infection of V. fungicola. Mushroom Production Systems. Commercial cultivation of Shiitake in sawdust filled plastic bags. Conceptualization and development of an efficient tropical mushroom house. Use of polyethylene film to control the fructification of Pleurotus spp. grown on horizontal trays. Artificial cultivation of Veiled Lady mushroom, Dictyophora indusiata. Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) in Italy. Educating mushroom farmers in The Netherlands. Cultivated mushrooms in Japan. Role of the Duna Cooperative in Hungarian mushroom growing. Mushroom growing in Hungary. Mushroom Husbandry. Watering beds with porous tubing. Energy requirements for A. bisporus production in bed culture. Air filled pores. Cultural and environmental factors influencing commercial mushroom production in Pennsylvania. Evaluating strains of Paddy Straw mushroom (Volvariella spp.) in India. Cultivation of Pleurotus mushrooms on aspen wood shavings with cheese whey supplementation. Use of 1 year old canes of deciduous trees for inoculation material of P. ostreatus. Mushroom culture utilizing tobacco waste. Pleurotus mushroom grows well in tobacco medium. Pest Management & Control. Development of pest control programme for Australian mushroom farms. Strategies and realities of pest control at commercial mushroom farms. Control of adult Lycoriella mali and Megaselia halterata. Laboratory and cropping tests with cyromazine for mushroom sciarid control in compost. Location of pest foci in Pennsylvania mushroom houses. Hygiene in mushroom growing. Survey of pesticide usage in the Pennsylvania commercial mushroom industry. Historical perspective on arthropod pest control. Status of pests in the cultivated mushroom in India. Integrated control of pests and diseases in mushroom cultivation.


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