Cross-Border Exposures and Country Risk book cover

Cross-Border Exposures and Country Risk

Assessment and Monitoring

The international financial system has come under strain several times in recent years, and analysis has shown that most crises originated from the risks built into cross-border exposures.

Assessment and monitoring of cross-border exposures and country risk are essential activities for international lending agencies such as government bodies, banks, multinational corporations and other investors. Inadequate risk management could have a destabilising effect on both lender and borrower and could result in a major international financial crisis.

This completely revised edition of Thomas E Krayenbuehl's classic handbook clearly shows how the various players can quantify and manage the complex factors involved in order to minimise the risk and avoid potentially catastrophic consequences. It provides both a rigorous analysis of the current situation and a guide to meeting the challenges of the future.

Just some of the things you'll discover…

How to succeed in cross-border lending and investment through good assessment, monitoring and hedging of country risk

How the Tequila and Asian crises came about, and the lessons learned

The likelihood of future crises and the potential causes

The latest problems to beset the international financial system

The recent developments in cross-border financing

Why the problem of contagion occurs between seemingly unrelated markets

The enormous need for global capital to bring about sustainable economic development in the developing world, and the role of the major players in fulfilling it

The numerous factors that constitute and influence a specific country risk

The responsibilities of all the parties involved, from the IMF and the World Bank to the industrialised and developing nations, the regulators and the rating agencies

How this study helps you:
This lucid and authoritative handbook will help you to:

Understand the problems facing the international financial system

Identify and assess new investment opportunities

Optimise risk composition of cross-border lending or investment

Make sound decisions, minimise risk and achieve better outcomes

Paperback, 216 Pages

Published: July 2001

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-512-5


  • Overview; The need for capital; Risks in cross-border exposures and their assessment; Monitoring of cross-border exposures and hedging of country risk; Responsibilities; Conclusions.


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