Crop Breeding: A Contemporary Basis book cover

Crop Breeding: A Contemporary Basis

The aim of this book is to gather together, in an integrated manner, information on the physiology and technology of contemporary plant breeding. The approach is multidisciplinary, with special emphasis being placed on the application of theoretical knowledge to the solution of practical problems concerned with the improvement of crop yield through the breeding of plants better suited to their environment. The role of modern techniques, such as tissue culture and induced mutation are discussed in detail

For plant breeders


Published: November 1983

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-025505-7


  • ...There are chapters dealing with fairly traditional breeding objectives, such as improved drought and disease resistance and low temparature tolerance, but, more importantly in this context and composition, on the search for physiological and biochemical selection criteria as the basis for yield improvement, and the genetic mechanisms for increasing biological nitrogen fixation. To achieve some of these objectives unorthodox and novel approaches are required. Some of these possible pathways are reviewed in this book, for example the production and utilization of haploid plants, the potential role of protoplast techniques, or the use of in vitro methods for conserving germplasm. The editors are to be congratulated for having assembled a capable international team of reviewers to examine these and other current questions.
    Field Crop Research 13


  • (partial) New parameters and selection criteria in plant breeding, S.K. Sinha & M.S. Swaminathan

    Strategy of breeding for disease resistance, R.R. Nelson

    Search for useful physiological and biochemical traits in maize, J.H. Sherrard et al.

    Effects of genetic factors on nutritional requirements of plants, P.B. Vose

    Breeding and selection for resistance to low temperature, C. Stushnoff et al.

    Screening and selection techniques for improving drought resistance, J.M. Clarke & T.F. Townley-Smith

    Photosynthesis and assimilated partitioning in relation to plant breeding, P. Apel

    Potential for enhancing biological nitrogen fixation, J.M. Vincent

    Role of induced mutations, C.F. Konzak

    Application of computers to gene banks and breeding programmes, S. Blixt

    Plant tissue culture: rapid propagation, induced mutations and the potential role of protoplast techniques, M. Cailloux

    Production and application of haploid plants, W.R. Sharp et al.

    Breeding towards an ideotype - aiming at a moving target?, S. Blixt & P.B. Vose


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