Cost and Financial Accounting in Forestry book cover

Cost and Financial Accounting in Forestry

A Practical Manual

Written for the forest manager, land agent and the forestry/rural economy student, either at the technical or university level, this book describes how systems of cost and financial accounting and financial yield may be built up, every step being illustrated by a series of interrelated examples. Financial accounting gives a precise view of a forest venture from year to year, whereas financial yield endeavours to show the profitability of a tree crop over its rotation. Cost accounting probes into detail and is an essential management tool for budget control, profit maximisation and planning. It may thus be said that the book deals with an important and essential aspect of forestry


Published: March 1980

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-021455-9


  • (partial) The Costing of Forest operations: Standard heads. Primary records. Preliminary analysis of records. Direct unit costs. Overhead costs. Usefulness of costs. The financial account: Income and expenditure (trading) account. Capital valuation. Profit and loss account and balance sheet. The financial yield: Discounted expenditure. Discounted income. Financial yield. Financial yield of the enterprise. Net discount revenue. Increasing profits. Standard account headings.


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