Corrosion in Refineries book cover

Corrosion in Refineries

Corrosion in ageing refinery plant presents a serious safety hazard. This important book summarises key research into corrosion processes in refinery equipment, how it can be measured and controlled. The book reviews factors affecting corrosion such as carburisation and metal dusting as well as corrosion in steel and other materials used in refinery technology. It considers corrosion in a range of refinery equipment such as storage tanks, HF alkylation units, sour water strippers and insulated units. Other chapters discuss ways of testing for corrosion and cracking in refineries together with integrity and life cycle assessment techniques. There is also coverage of ways of trouble-shooting corrosion problems and preventative measures such as coating systems.

With its distinguished editor and team of contributors, Corrosion in refineries is a valuable reference for all those concerned with building and maintaining refineries in the petrochemical industry.

Those concerned with building and maintaining refineries in the petrochemical industry

Hardbound, 128 Pages

Published: July 2007

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-233-9


  • Carburisation and metal dusting of steels and high temperature alloys by hydrocarbons; Integrity and life assessment of catalytic reformer units; The use of spot hydrogen flux measurements in assessing corrosion and crack risk in refinery applications; Degradation of carbon steel under the influence of sulphur in a refinery furnace remaining life prediction; Troubleshooting corrosion problems in HF alkylation units; Corrosion in the overhead system of a sour water stripper; Corrosion of above ground storage tanks for petroleum products and choice of coating systems for their protection from corrosion; The use of coatings to prevent corrosion in process vessels operating at elevated temperatures and pressures; Methods of monitoring; Disbonding test methodology: Definition of representative test conditions - results of an industry joint research programme.


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