Corporate Social Responsibility

a case study guide for Management Accountants


  • John Innes, Professor Emeritus of Accounting at the University of Dundee.
  • Gweneth Norris

Corporate Social Responsiblity is based on critical insight gained by analysing four large companies’ experiences of corporate social responsibility. This study highlights the inadequacies of social and ethical reporting by business, both in terms of the ad-hoc nature of the information currently reported, and the absence of internal reporting. It will serve as evidence to companies, that producing a glossy report does not necessarily equal social responsibility.
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Management accountants; Company Finance Directors; Business Consultants; Academics; Executive and Non-Executive Directors; Policy Makers and Regulators.


Book information

  • Published: May 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6660-2

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Objectives; Chapter 2 - Literature Review; Chapter 3 - Case Study A, an international retail company; Chapter 4 - Case Study B, a large organisation in the financial services sector; Chapter 5 - Case Study C, a large international organisation in the financial services sector; Chapter 6 - Case Study D, a large organisation in the financial services sector; Chapter 7 - Cross-case analysis, based on on the objectives of the introduction; Chapter 8 - Conclusions